Author: Sarala Balachandran

Oh Woman!

Reading Time: 1 minuteA woman-centric and a protest poem by Sarala, exclusively for Different Truths. Your eyes  Vast Blue River  Full of sweet dreams! Your eyebrows  Arched like a soft bow! Your glance  Full of grace and compassion! Your cheeks  Glowing like a lotus in bloom  Your pink moist lips  Speak volumes of your desires! Your youthful bosom  […]

Break Those Shackles

Reading Time: 1 minuteA protest poem where there is liberation in death, where one breaks the shackles of caste and colour, by Sarala, exclusively for Different Truths. Oh! Let me break those shackles  Put on me years ago  Keeping me away from my love  I broke them with my will  Now I am free to enjoy  The paradise and  […]

Her Burning Heart…

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe pain and agony of a mother in an old age home has been evocatively portrayed, by Sarala, exclusively for Different Truths. Behind that burning candle  There stands a heart  That weeps quietly  A rejected mother at  Old age home Drowning in sorrow! She starts chanting the  Beads for the safety of her child! Nonstop […]

Creation of God…

Reading Time: 1 minuteIn this verse, Sarala sings the praise of God’s creation, exclusively for Different Truths. Blooming buds  Tiny and cute  Colourful fragrant flowers   Spreading aroma everywhere  Mighty mountains  High and brown  Verdant meadows  Green and lush  Singing brooks  Swaying streams  Rubbing pebbles  Sweet sounds creating Twilight dusk  Lovers hand in hand  Sparkling stars  Winking at all  […]

Child Labour

Reading Time: 1 minuteA poem about social awareness and a protest against employing a child as a labour, by Sarala, exclusively for Different Truths. Carrying heavy loads on their tender heads going through unbearable pains on their weak shoulders and necks stooping down, bent, disfigured with hardly anything to eat except the throwaway by the rich aside   These […]

Cry of Little Asifa…

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn evocative protest poem by Sarala, exclusively for Different Truths Paint me and my sorrow  In black and grey In your hearts  I live  In the darkness, I cry  I am floating  In dark clouds  Above you  In you, I live  In you, I died  A thousand times  But I am awake  In the dark […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s a poetic tribute of Sarala to Mother Teresa, and a call to the youth to emulate her, in Different Truths. Learn dear youth What’s humanism from our beloved Mother Teresa who cleansed the lepers with her own weak and trembling hands She ran to wherever her attention was needed caring for the dirty urchins […]

Her Shattered Dreams

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn evocative woman-centric poem by Sarala that exposes the brutality of traditions, the patriarchal system, for Different Truths. She dreamt of a Beautiful life But all she got was Threats n beatings Kicked till she bled Her face disfigured Her vermilion smudged In her own tears She bled, yes she bled No one to care […]

She Walks Tall

Reading Time: 1 minuteA poem of hope and courage that Sarala had penned keeping in mind the World Disability Day on December 3, earlier this month, in Different Truths.  She is all of four feet ten  But walks tall at six feet ten  Holding her head high  With a twinkle in her eyes  She fears none and  She […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteAn evocative poem by Sarala that celebrates the innocence of a girl-child within an old woman, in Different Truths. Behind her silvery threads  Creaking bones  Wrinkled face Lifeless eyes  Still, there is an innocent Child  Wanting to fly kites Cutting her friend’s kite And holding her tight  Saying sorry, I will buy you more!  Her bare […]