Author: Saheli Mitra

Open Letter of a Woman to the New Year Star

She is the woman of the world. She loves stars, those twinkling little stars that dangled on her poetry book and sparkled on cold nights to give her company and comfort. She slept on the soft grass and spoke on constellations to her lover, as he would be busy touching and feeling her flesh. But she would be […]

Mishti Writes a Letter to Santa Claus

Modern day kids are smart enough to realise Santa exists only in fantasy, it’s estimated that Santa Claus still receives thousands of wish letters from children all across the globe. But well, the letters are in the decline. Though data on child rape and molestation is not on the decline across the globe. Both USA and India have […]

An Open Letter to my Violator

When a woman entrusts a man with her emotional void, makes herself completely dependent on him, with the promise of being lead to ultimate bliss, she gives herself up to another soul. But what happens when that woman is perversely violated by that very man, and she stands up against it, and learns to live again? Society calls […]

An Open Letter of a Prostitute to Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga’s idol made during Durga Puja is incomplete without the soil from the house of a sex worker. The belief is that the soil should be begged for and received from a prostitute’s hands as a gift or blessing. This is a letter from such a prostitute to Maa Durga. Blue Eve says that the vagina […]

An Open Letter to My Grieving Mother

Motherhood is no doubt a blessing, when one feels a life moving within her and becomes the ultimate messenger to bring it to this world or when she raises a child not born out of her womb but nurtured with her love and care. It’s surely a feeling that only mothers know. But how does a mother feel […]

An Open Letter to my Lost Womb

Women often have to abort an accidental pregnancy. Modern procedures ensure it is least painful, but have we ever wondered how women feel from within, when we let go off something that we could have created? Many compulsions of modern urban life do not allow women to become mothers over and over again. Yet the maternal instinct never […]

Monsoon Memories: A Letter to Paper Boat

The essential romantic in us celebrates and serenades the rain. Blue Eve reminisces the monsoon, days of torrential rains, her little paper boat and more. She walks down the memory lane in this letter to monsoon, recalling Tagore through the songs that her mother sang and the poems that her father recited. My Dear Paper […]

I Still Love you Daddy

A verse from an abused daughter to her father, how she still yearns for the father, who crushed her dreams of being a father’s daughter. A poignant verse by Blue Eve. For those were the fingers that I planned to hold to cross the snows of summer-time, For that was the chest I planned to rest […]

Open Letter from an Ailing Mother to her Children in the US

Success has its price. An ailing old mother, staying by herself in a large house in Kolkata, writes a soulful letter to her successful and busy children, settled far way, in distant America. Does physical distance create emotional distances too? Is it a case of out-of- sight-out- of-mind? Blue Eve pens an open letter from a mother […]

Colour Me!

The celebrations of colours and its absence in the life of a woman in an evocative verse by Saheli. At the height of spring she had forever searched for colours of a rainbow. She borrowed, she begged, she stole. Aquamarine pangs of the roaring sea, Staring blues of the mighty streams, Luscious red of rose petals […]