Author: Rhiti Chatterjee Bose

Paedophilia and Incest: The Dark Horrors of Hapless Children within Homes

One in six boys and one in four girls face sexual molestation before they hit the age of 11, scary right? Also of all the cases that are reported, 70% assault is from a member of a family or a person known to the family, like a neighbour or a friend or a distant relative. So by […]

The Lady and Her Smoke

In this article, Rhiti traces the trends of women and smoking* over the years in Indian, American, and general global scenario. If we look back at ancient Indian history, women have always smoked hookahs and pots although in closed quarters. Smoking in public was never an option. In Japan during the Edo Period, prostitutes and their clients would […]

Is our Silence Perpetrating the Rape Culture?

We live in insensitive times. Trying to be smart, we often land up being rude. The Now Gen, uses cuss words at the blink of an eye. The F-word has creeped into our conversation in such a way that it is often used at homes, offices and other public spaces with impunity. Women’s body parts, along with our mothers, sisters, daughters […]