Author: Rina

Why Couples Seek Other Partners outside Marriage: Love, Sex and Dhoka Unleashed!

Reading Time: 5 minutesDrifting away from the spouse, in search of love, laughter, and excitement, is becoming commonplace for couples these days. A woman may find physical and emotional closeness in another man, woman or both, while a man might have a secret relationship with a masseur or mistress. Rina probes into the reasons for the infidelities, in […]

Live Life King Size in the USA

Reading Time: 7 minutesPeople live in green and leafy suburbs with large homes and the image is often of a very happy and content household; little do outsiders realise how demanding it is to drive at least 15 – 25 miles one way to work. It’s a credit to the American people that they manage this across their […]

Say it With Feeling: The World of Emojis!

Reading Time: 5 minutesMany people prefer using text messages to communicate these days, so they look to emojis – small digital images or icons to express an idea or emotion – to convey their feelings. Rina tells us about the world of emojis, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. It was a smooth sunny day, to […]

Real-Unreal Binaries of Long Distance Relationship and the Alchemy of Love, Sex, and Dhoka

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe real-unreal binaries of long distance relationship are delusional. It’s heady. Perhaps it brings out the lust-factor louder because of the distance and anonymity. In certain cases, people hide behind fake profiles to snoop in on unsuspecting people, most often pretty naive. The dark side of it is crime – petty to serious.  It provides a […]

Singapore: It is a Faustian Deal

Reading Time: 5 minutesSingapore tops the ranks in Asia as the city with the best quality of living, well ahead of Tokyo and Hong Kong because of its efficient infrastructure. The multiculturalism of Singapore is felt through a lack of overly obvious religious symbols for all religions and ensuring that celebrations are truly joyous affairs. Rina explores her […]

Love at First Sight with Kuala Lumpur

Reading Time: 5 minutesKuala Lumpur is where Asia melts into a brilliant rhythm of people, sounds, cultures, cuisines, lifestyles, architectures, and incredible nature. The city itself is another bustling urban hub full of busy days and people getting through sweaty and sunny days to work and home. What’s not lost is the humane approach to life through all […]

The Challenges of a Single Mother

Reading Time: 4 minutesA single mother has to deal with the challenges of excelling at work to bring home enough for the child and for herself, while also playing the role of the primary nurturer, opines Rina, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. The two genders in the human race are for a reason – men […]

Women in Armed Forces: A Test of Fortitude

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe relationship between traditional male commanders in the armed forces as also the soldiers with the increasing numbers of women in the armed forces would be one of the most robust ways to create a society that looks at its women and men on merit and capabilities, and not judge them on gender, says Rina, […]

The Perils of Teenage Pregnancies

Reading Time: 5 minutesTeenaged pregnancies are the start of a severely depressing emotional cycle. Societal reactions border on the extremes making it a monster battle for the girl. Most teenagers respond to this with one of the two extremes – rebel or completely succumb. It’s also commonplace and absolutely understandable that teenaged girls opt for abortion, but critically, […]

Extramarital Affairs: The Spark and the Shame

Reading Time: 6 minutesExtramarital affairs pose huge challenges in the minds of those involved in the fling. There’s the feeling of guilt coming from centuries of being programmed. Guilt and shame arising from how the society would view the person, how tough it is to hide the affair from a spouse and feel natural. There’s the feeling of […]