Author: Rachna Singh

Bangalore Literature Festival 2016: A Delicious December Treat!

Reading Time: 3 minutesWell-known humourist-author, Rachna, gives us an insider’s view into the recently concluded two-day Bangalore Literary Festival (BLF) 2016. Her first session was a stand-up inspired by her new release, ‘Band, Bajaa, Boys!’ She had picked anecdotes from life in Allahabad and woven them into an interactive narrative. The audience was simply wonderful – the more they laughed, the more […]

A Letter to my Daughter

Reading Time: 2 minutesHumourist Rachna’s take on board exams and the fear psychosis that parents and elders build around it. In a soulful letter to her daughter, she spells out her priorities as a mother. Here’s a mother-daughter dialogue, via this letter, in Different Truths. Dear Baby Girl, You are in Grade 10 now. The year in which entire families […]

Desert Rodeo

Reading Time: 5 minutesHumour writer Rachna shares her experiences of her Dubai visit. Laugh your way through the desert.  During our recent vacation in Dubai, we traversed more kilometres of desert than Lawrence of Arabia and his fleet of camels put together. We were mostly going around in circles. We are always on the road. Not on camels, thankfully, […]

My Bangalore Literature Festival 2015 Diary

Reading Time: 4 minutesHumour writer, Rachna Singh writes about her experiences at the Bangalore Literature Festival that concluded recently. Day 1 Per Bloch. Per Bloch. Per Bloch. I am saying that name of the author I have to introduce aloud in the car. Coughing out the ‘Bloch’ to get it right. My driver turns to steal an alarmed glance. I […]

Chennai Express

Reading Time: 6 minutesHumour writer Rachna writes about the comical derailments on a frequent train route she takes.  These days, I take the train from Bangalore to Chennai. I have stopped taking flights: they are so short, that they get over before I can say ‘Jayalalitha’. The last flight that I took was so short that the air-hostesses hardly had […]