Author: Priyanka Chauhan

Diwali Market: A Fusion Song of Myriad Hues

Reading Time: 3 minutesCome Diwali and the market place is decked up like a bride. The exuberance of shiny streamers of all shapes and sizes, soaked in bright colours were resting on roadside stands, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their potential buyers. A few customers merely touched, opened those itsy-bitsy creations, changed sides, checked their fall and kept it back […]

The Balloon Man: Forlorn and Forgotten!

Reading Time: 4 minutesDecades back, the balloon man was a character straight out of child’s wonderland. For children, he was the richest person on this earth carrying the chromatic collection of a child’s fantasy with him. Dressed simply, the Balloon Uncle, shouting “balloons-balloons” on the streets would gallantly announce his arrival with a bugle. Young buyers filled with impatient […]