Author: Poornima Laxmeshwar

A Letter to You

Reading Time: 2 minutesHere’s a poem about love and identity, by Poornima, in Different Truths. Our dear unborn I wish we could breathe a breath somewhere To string together the violet stems of an early winter evening Set the sun on fire and hope that the inferno will open your eyes Fill it with dawns so orange That […]

B = Betrayal

Reading Time: 1 minuteA social responsive poem on betrayal by Poornima, in Different Truths. I am a room full of boxes of betrayals Stacked like files of complaints – uncared, unheard The pretty violets on the walls are surfaces that are built to hide the cracks You might as well believe it At times deceits simply outperform And […]

A Poem on Everything that Cuts

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn intense poem by Poornima, in Different Truths, that talks of the territorial nature of man, and more. Have you seen a marked territory? A border that defines what is yours and what is mine A chalk line that you ought to be careful about Memorise it in your head all the time A border […]

Lakshmi: Maid for Each Other!

Reading Time: 2 minutesPoornima talks of two Lakshmis, a Goddess, and a maid. One ever smiling, seated on a throne, while the other, toiling hard, very worried. A poignant poem, in Different Truths. Lakshmi, Goddess with four hands, ever smiling, welcoming Curvy, energetic and embellished with imitation jewellery and a crisp cotton saree Yet always glittering; an epitome […]