Author: K Pankajam

A Retrospective of Concern for Human Values: Letters to Namdeo Dhasal by Chandramohan S

Reading Time: 6 minutesChandramohan’s poems portray subaltern life with exactitude and his concern for human values is quite evident in almost all poems in this collection. Poem after poem one can sense the essence of his attitude to stand up with all forms of discrimination. Pankajam reviews his poems, exclusively in Different Truths. Letters to Namdeo Dhasal Author: […]

Exemplary of Poetic Excellence: Taming the Tides by Dilip Mohapatra

Reading Time: 5 minutesPankajam reviews a book of poem by Dilip Mohapatra, Taming the Tides, exclusively for Different Truths. Book:                          Taming the Tides: New and Selected Poems                Poet:                           Dilip Mohapatra Publisher:                 Authorspress New Delhi Price:                          Rs. 395/$ 20 No. […]

A Love Affair that Became a Story

Reading Time: 3 minutesPankajam reviews In the Flickering of an Eye, a novel by Neelam Saxena Chandra, which is a love story between two people of the same gotra. The village panchayat and the community are against the marriage of these two lovers. Find out more, in Different Truths. In The Flickering of an Eye by Neelam Saxena […]