Author: Padmini Sharma

Living Beyond the Margins: Hijras of Kolkata, a Curse or a Prayer!

US-based Padmini has been working for the emancipation of the hijras. She recounts a chance meeting with them during one of her visits to Kolkata. She tells us about the paroxysms of their emotions, the rejection and various exploitation they face. How they are duped or how the lower police officials demand sexual gratification. She also gives us […]

Baseless Fallacies

Is life an illusion Are love and friendship delusional? Padmini asks a few hard questions in this verse. Love is nothing but a silly fabrication Fostered for generation after generation To speed up the process of procreation Emanating pseudo hopes And unnatural attractions It has doomed lives, waged wars, shed blood By belying every definition… Is love really all […]

The Pauper and his Princess

Here’s a poignant ballad from Padmini. She weaves an enchanting story. He was a trash picker, a vagabond That came to pick pieces at odd hours One day his eyes befell on a maiden Near a window afar Their gazes met God sent destiny whispered amen She a pretty princess Chained to her wheel chair […]