Author: Nyra Banerjee

Dainty Feet need Loving Care!

Beautiful, dainty feet are sensuously feminine. It’s important to pamper your feet and take proper care. It’s also important to choose the right footwear for yourself. A lady knows how to select the befitting footwear for the occasion and accessorise it deftly. It’s also important to know how to take care of your costly footwears. Bollywood cine actor, Nyra, […]

Eye Makeup Enhances Your Beauty

Celebrated in poetry and songs, eyes are one of the most important features of your face. A good eye makeup enhances your beauty manifold. You must understand the shape and size of your eyes and its colour before you decide on the eye makeup that’s right for you. Bollywood cine actor, Nyra, give invaluable tips for eye makeup […]

My Tips for Lustrous, Shining and Healthy Hair Care

Nyra, an upcoming cine star, our Beauty expert, gives invaluable tips for hair care. She tells us how to take care of dry and oily hair, how dandruff and hair fall might be arrested. Learn the secrets from a female actor, in the regular column on beauty, exclusively in Different Truths. Regarding my shining mane, I am quite […]

Your Complexion is your Boon: Tips for its Care

To have a radiant complexion and maintain the texture of skin and keep it supple, correct diet, Sun protection and Vitamin C are key. A good skin is a report of good health. Drink a glass of water every hour to keep it hydrated and detoxed. To achieve radiant skin, it is important to have a combination of […]