Author: Nilakshi Roy

Us, just us

Here’s an evocative love poem by Nilakshi, as we celebrate the season of fertility and bounty, with the festival of colours, in Different Truths. Will there be a time  When there’ll be us Just us Waiting for each other Holding on to each other As life passes by… Will we watch people go About their […]

…And Two Women Suffered

She was a slim, tall, elegant woman, too pretty to be a cook in our house, but as she was not very young, my mother kept her immediately. She looked so sophisticated when the van driver brought her from Kolkata where she had been looking for a job and a place to stay. She had […]

Meghashyama, the Sari, brought big Cloud Burst!

In Madhya Pradesh, Maheshwar is the place for Induri and her older and richer sister Maheshwari. It’s a soft, soft, soft cotton with stripes all over, sometimes little butties, and different designs on the pallu and border, khadi pallu, resham butta, fulpatti kinaar or edging etc. It takes a long time to weave these sarees and many of my friends […]

The Parsi Connection: The Déjà vu of Sari, Furniture and Food

This story is as much a sari story, as it is a story of furniture – a Parsi obsession and feature of their traditionally elegant homes. Nilakshi remembers Gustad Noble’s father’s furniture shop, and his love for the craft, in Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey.  We were surrounded by objects de arts and bric-à- brac from generations, especially […]

The Tyranny of WhatsApp

Our life is more and more dependent on social media sites and apps. Here, Nilakshi verses about the pulls and pressures of WhatsApp tongue-in- cheek, for Different Truths. The dancing dots Jiving with ‘typing…’ Or the deathly silence Of the dreadful ‘online’ Where? Doing what? On a call? Listening to music? Writing elsewhere? Do I even […]

A Saree called Suhasini: I smiled and draped it on Nuptial Night

Suhasini is a Tangail cotton with mooga stripes across her, some paisleys carefully woven like an alpana across the threshold, when you welcome Goddess Lakshmi or a bride to the household. Suhasini means the one with a winsome smile, and she came to me from a neighbour. Dr. Noorjahan Adhikary, another smiling lady, dimpled, light-eyed, beautiful and loving. My […]

Sunset to Moonshine

A poignant love poem of two lovers crossing each other in different boats. The metaphors of nature, of sunset and moonlit sky add dimensions to this verse, by Nilakshi, for Different Truths. In the yellowing time Of the sunset sky It’s easier somehow To see life by. I can see our boats Glide along the sea. The […]

The Hurt Wall

Our feelings are trapped within us. Neelakshi asks if hurt could be hung on the wall and displayed, in this poignant verse, exclusively for Different Truths. Can you hang up your hurt On a wall or something? So that they can see it On, say, scraps and notes And bits and post-its Notebooks, sheets Or posters, […]

When a Big Tree Fell

Nilakshi’s poem about the fall of a big tree acquires a new dimension on World Environment Day. Simple and soulful verse, it operates at many layers. My mother often said When a big tree falls There is more devastation To others than itself… When a big tree fell Were you there when I shook the big […]