Author: Nikita Goel

Everything Changes Once Your Girlfriend Becomes a Wife!

Marriage is not the end of the ‘conquest’. It’s not the end of the road. Nikita opines that  many husbands fail to understand that the big houses, exotic vacations, and diamond rings didn’t win her over. Expensive gifts can never make a woman feel valuable. It is your affection towards her that made her fall in love with you. […]

Why do some Couples Choose to Remain Childless?

The definition of a family differs. While for some couples, it’s complete after having kids, for others it could mean not having any children. The choice to have or not have a child is that of a couple. It’s their private matter, their autonomy and decision. The society that acts as a nosy parker must stop doing so […]

You are who your Friends are!

The old adage, ‘Birds of feather flock together’ comes to mind. Almost everything in our life is given, the family, our kin, neighbours, etc. But, we have the power to choose our friends. The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage […]

I Do Not Know if this Feeling will ever Go Away

A poignant and intense love poem by Nikita. She asks difficult questions in the soulful verse in Different Truths. I do not know if this feeling will ever go away, The Guilt of not slicing myself into pieces or everyone that ever walked in my Life. I give my Soul away to anyone who shows me […]

Does Marriage Still Define the Life of Indian Women?

Marriage seems to be the be all and end all in a girl/woman’s life, in India. She must learn to cook, sew, wash and clean. In most houses, a daughter-in- law is nothing more than a housemaid. Nikita says that as a child she was not afraid of ghosts but she was afraid of getting married. The daughter-in- […]

Understanding Women: Myths and Truths Decoded

Relationship and its rationale is the cementing force of social order. Be it an individual or community, the intra and inter personal relationship between the two is the life force of social order or anarchy. It’s a complex subjects with many layers. It’s often subject to one’s culture, nationality, social status and much more. The rationale of relationship […]

Lamenting Voices

A poignant, evocative and inward looking poem by Nikita. As I woke up today, to an Alarm Clock, bustling noise of the city, of people running for work, of chirping birds singing and rejoicing. I heard something Strange Voices that was so familiar Who was It? What are they trying to tell me? Why do […]

Roar Woman, Roar like a Lioness!

Nikita talks about self-love and tells women to seek their true selves instead of slaving for others or worrying what-will- they-say. She begins with herself in the stream of consciousness tradition. Very deftly she changes the gear from the ‘I’ to the ‘you’. Here’s a Different Truths exclusive for women to believe in themselves. My brain doesn’t shut […]