Author: Nikita Goel

Why Married Men and Women have Extramarital Affairs?

Nikita looks into the many reasons why married men and women stray. What compels them into extramarital relationships? Read more in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. Why do married men and women engage in extramarital affairs despite having wonderful spouses and perfect companionship? Is love, not enough in a marriage? Helen Fisher, a […]

Women Subjugation and the Role of World Religions in its Continuance

There have been researches done on all religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Protestant and Catholic Christianity, Islam, and native indigenous religions – they preach the same beliefs on a base level. There is a reward for good deed and punishment for a bad deed. They teach us how to be compassionate and forgiving towards all […]

Are Relationships Affected Adversely when Children Move Abroad?

Mostly, couples who settle abroad are hanging between two worlds. They are too foreign for their homeland and too foreign for the adapted country. Children living abroad suffer from identity crisis at some point. Raising children away from their cousins, grandparents, uncles, and aunts is a daunting task for parents. When you live in a country where you […]

Love Meter: Ten Telltale Signs that he is not that into you!

Make sure that you are not trapped in an abusive and loveless relationship with the man of your dreams. Is your Prince Charming moving away from you? Does he have someone else in his life? Nikita warns us of the ten telltale signs that are enough for your red flags to go up! Here’s  the […]

Arranged Marriage: Common Worldwide till the 18th Century; India and Italy were Exceptions

Ironically, Indians during the Vedic Period were one of the few exceptional people to engage in marriage, of free choice (Swayamvara) and live-in relationships (Gandharva Vivah) back in time when arranged marriages were quite common throughout the world until the 18th century. Arranged marriage is not loveless. Nikita tells us about the arranged marriage of Rohan and Ankita, the […]

What is a King Without his Queen?

In real life, Gauri Khan says, she is much more of an all-rounder. She is a TV host, a painter, costume and interior designer, an entrepreneur and a producer. Being a SRK’s wife, Gauri predominantly remained the quintessential glamorous wife of a superstar. However, beyond the power, glamour, and limelight, she comes across as a woman of […]

How Parents can Unknowingly Destroy their Child’s Self-esteem?

Nikita, our columnist asks, are parents responsible for destroying their child’s self-esteem? Think about the times when you screamed at your toddler for spilling over the milk on the floor or breaking your favourite picture frame. You could have done better. It takes one moment to cool yourself down and clean up the floor but the child can […]

Your Siblings are the only People who Truly Qualify as Partners for Life

Siblings were our worst enemies when we were little but as we grow old, we realise that they are the only friends who have always stood beside us and will continue to love us despite what goes wrong. In the formative 1995 book, Sibling Relationships across the Life Span, psychologist Victor Cicirelli says, “the older sibling gains in […]

Why do Married Women have to Look Married?

Once you tie the knot, your wardrobe has to announce your marital status. A woman has to be a sari-clad, wearing sindoor and mangalsutra, but men can roam around the house in shorts and tees all their lives. There is no obligation for men to ‘look married’ and ‘sanskari’. Men can go on living their lives, nothing much […]

Are We Becoming More and More Isolated?

Why is it that the more we seem to connect through social network, the more is the distance growing between hearts? We have data that suggests people’s social networks have got smaller and families are not providing the same level of social context they may have done 50 years ago. People today are more connected to one another than […]

Has the Indian TV Degenerated from Career-Oriented and Ambitious to Submissive and Saree-clad Women?

It is sad to see Indian television become synonymous with the saas-bahu saga. Back in the 90’s, our television seemed to be far more advanced than today. It had very strong female characters – women walking out of abusive marriages to live with a married boss, career-oriented woman marrying a decade younger guy, Shanti, who was a successful […]

Do you have a Good Relationship with Yourself?

The Biblical saying, ‘Love yourself!’ is apt. It’s important to have a good relationship with yourself. When another person is continually evaluating and denouncing you, there’s an option to walk away but when that person is yourself, there’s no way out. When we do not love ourselves complete, we chase people who do not love us either. The […]

Why is our Generation Terrified of Falling in True Love?

Our generation wants to order love like food in a restaurant. We do not anymore believe in the golden words, true love happens only once in a lifetime, we can fall in and out of love as quickly as you can change channels on your television. We thrive on instant gratification and emotional connections are old school. We […]

Do we live in a Better World than our Grandparents?

Life has given us material comforts. We have double income, but we lives in a small apartment, eats at fancy restaurants, dress impeccably and spend holidays at exotic places. We debate whether we can finance the upbringing of a second child. Our grandparents had simpler lives. They lived in decent houses (read bungalows in some cases), supported large […]

Is Divorce better than an Unhappy Marriage?

There’s an increasing number of divorces in India, which was unheard of in the past centuries. Our parents and grandparents were united through arranged marriages and they still manage to be a happy couple. Unlike, our generation that chose their life partner, were head over heels in love with each other as they tied knots in marriage and […]

Why Women Strive to be Perfect and Men Don’t!

Men and women are differently wired. It’s perhaps because society has greater expectations from women. Whether, it’s the way they look, the way they perform at work, the way they handle their relationships, the way they act in public, there’s always something they wish they could change about themselves. They constantly think about improving themselves, their relationships and their […]

Understanding the Truth behind Ogling Other Women

A new survey confirms that women spend far more time checking out their own sex than lusting after passing hunks. Half of the 2,000 women polled confessed they enjoyed comparing themselves with women at work, their friends and women they pass in the street. Men barely got a look-in. It’s not just fashion details they’re looking for, but […]

Everything Changes Once Your Girlfriend Becomes a Wife!

Marriage is not the end of the ‘conquest’. It’s not the end of the road. Nikita opines that  many husbands fail to understand that the big houses, exotic vacations, and diamond rings didn’t win her over. Expensive gifts can never make a woman feel valuable. It is your affection towards her that made her fall in love with you. […]

Why do some Couples Choose to Remain Childless?

The definition of a family differs. While for some couples, it’s complete after having kids, for others it could mean not having any children. The choice to have or not have a child is that of a couple. It’s their private matter, their autonomy and decision. The society that acts as a nosy parker must stop doing so […]

You are who your Friends are!

The old adage, ‘Birds of feather flock together’ comes to mind. Almost everything in our life is given, the family, our kin, neighbours, etc. But, we have the power to choose our friends. The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage […]

I Do Not Know if this Feeling will ever Go Away

A poignant and intense love poem by Nikita. She asks difficult questions in the soulful verse in Different Truths. I do not know if this feeling will ever go away, The Guilt of not slicing myself into pieces or everyone that ever walked in my Life. I give my Soul away to anyone who shows me […]

Does Marriage Still Define the Life of Indian Women?

Marriage seems to be the be all and end all in a girl/woman’s life, in India. She must learn to cook, sew, wash and clean. In most houses, a daughter-in- law is nothing more than a housemaid. Nikita says that as a child she was not afraid of ghosts but she was afraid of getting married. The daughter-in- […]

Understanding Women: Myths and Truths Decoded

Relationship and its rationale is the cementing force of social order. Be it an individual or community, the intra and inter personal relationship between the two is the life force of social order or anarchy. It’s a complex subjects with many layers. It’s often subject to one’s culture, nationality, social status and much more. The rationale of relationship […]

Lamenting Voices

A poignant, evocative and inward looking poem by Nikita. As I woke up today, to an Alarm Clock, bustling noise of the city, of people running for work, of chirping birds singing and rejoicing. I heard something Strange Voices that was so familiar Who was It? What are they trying to tell me? Why do […]

Roar Woman, Roar like a Lioness!

Nikita talks about self-love and tells women to seek their true selves instead of slaving for others or worrying what-will- they-say. She begins with herself in the stream of consciousness tradition. Very deftly she changes the gear from the ‘I’ to the ‘you’. Here’s a Different Truths exclusive for women to believe in themselves. My brain doesn’t shut […]