Author: Neelam Chandra

This Diwali

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn this evocative verse, Neelam, puts on a make-up of values, of spiritual satisfaction, for unity of the people. At a time of clashes and divisions, of terrorism and deaths, her resolve is like a prayer in action. Here’s a verse rooted in contemporary realities. As part of the special feature on Diwali, for Different Truths. Usually, […]

Shedding Skins

Reading Time: 1 minuteA tongue-in- cheek poem of hope by Neelam. Snakes, Salamanders and Souls Shed their skin To rejuvenate themselves And let go the memories Which haunt them Making them floppy and fragile. For Snakes and Salamanders The interval is fixed, But the souls have a choice- They can discard it as often as they wish! When […]

Hero Worship

Reading Time: 1 minuteThis verse is about Neelam’s search for a hero, an icon, in her teenage years. When I was a teen, I was often asked, “Who is your hero?” I would cast a fleeting look At all the figures in vogue And wonder who should be my hero? My glance Would halt at one person For […]