Author: Navodita Pande

Media Literacy: A Need for Development of India

Reading Time: 5 minutesThere are very few mainstream news channels or news organisations that cover developmental issues with the aim of promoting ‘public service journalism’. Most organisations are lost in their need to retain profits, achieve targets in terms of audience, agenda-setting certain issues and themes which are ‘dominant’ in the political economic structure of the way news […]

Freedom for Independence Day

Reading Time: 4 minutesA lot more barriers need to be broken and freedom needs to be realised in an imperfect ‘social structure’ that exists in India and abroad. You still need to fight racism, sexism, casteism, class-ism and boundaries you have created for yourselves in your head because of how you were conditioned to think or made to […]

Politics within Politics in Uttar Pradesh; What about Social Justice?

Reading Time: 5 minutesBelieve it or not, Modi has not just changed the way Indian politics is done. He has also transformed the party structure from within – creating his own team of workers aka ministers to the extent of sidelining the bigwigs that stood out brandishing the Hindutva flag once upon a time. It is this ‘politics […]

No Confidence in Rahul Gandhi: Where Are Our Leaders?

Reading Time: 4 minutesRahul Gandhi managed to show his prowess and oratorial skills but failed to use this as a chance to show he has emerged as a better leader than before. Through his wink and the hug, he may become an MTV ‘Youth Icon of the Year’ but he fails to show in any way he has […]

How Classical is Our Yoga?

Reading Time: 4 minutesThere are various ways of attaining the sublime and the surreal – Yoga takes you towards that. But today’s scientific day and age ask for more – how can energy be viewed while doing Pranayama and meditation, some ask and doubt the real effects of Yoga. For such skeps, Yoga is more of a form […]

Remembering Tagore

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn all of his creative works, what touched Navodita is the poignancy and the deep feeling of emotion that flow with his thoughts – the sensitivity, the words and the meanings generated by every single sentence of his story or poem stand out to showcase not just his knowledge but also his deep-seated love for […]

Supreme Court Order, Largescale Violence by Dalits and its Political Ramifications

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe last few days have been very traumatic for India. TV screens have been filled with images of violent mobs on the rampage, scenes of wanton destruction of public and private property, and accounts of terrified citizens stranded in the midst of violence. The provocation was a recent judgement by a two-judge bench of the […]

The New Financial Year Ushers in Hope and Optimism

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe past financial year was marked by the great disruption of the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST), a change which not just affected government revenues but the operation of much of the private sector. However, in late January 2018, global crude oil prices rallied to over $65 a barrel, which has implications […]

Shifting Geopolitics: Caution and Smart Diplomacy Must for Indo-Nepal Relations with Growing Chinese Influence

Reading Time: 4 minutesIndia’s foreign policy has come under criticism recently for losing neighbours to China. The criticism is made most often with respect to India’s ties with Nepal. But Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Oli’s official visit to India this week, starting April 6, offers an opportunity to set right that perception. It may be recalled that Oli’s […]