Author: Nanditaa Bannerjee

Rules of Desires rooted in the Earthly Mantle of Life

Reading Time: 3 minutesKnowledge of the history and culture of the backdrops of Dipika Mukherjee’s stories are remarkable. The plots are based across urban Kuala Lumpur to cosmopolitan Shanghai, small towns of India, and the wilderness of Unites States of America. The characterisation of the protagonists with their trappings of desire could have been a bit more varied. In some stories, the […]


Of Nubile Daughter’s Marriage and Motherhood

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt’s not easy to be the mother of a nubile daughter in India. The social pressures for marriage are high. Family and friends start meddling way too much, Nanditaa, takes a personal and inward journey into her mindscape to debate the issue of marriage in a candid write-up. Motherhood has innumerable dilemmas to deal with. One of them, […]