Author: Nandita Samanta

Remains of Love

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn enigmatic poem about love and its loss by Nandita, for Different Truths. We have reached into the depths of a void plucked from the carnage of vestiges of love Not a flicker of emotion sustains, silent grudges in sober voices is all that remains drenched in uncertainty sheathed in the resplendence of promises never […]

Ecstatic Dream

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn intense sensuous poem by Nandita, in Different Truths. Creeping into the velvet darkness The hour of midnight comes falling softly Where wondrous dreams are created The memories start evoking my desires I cannot resist the seductive murmurs,  Hungrily feast in the pit of your verve  Impaled with lust, like a shrimp on a skewer.  My eyes are mesmerised […]

How Purba, the Survivor, returned from a Journey to Hell?

Reading Time: 8 minutesTrafficking of women is an international commercial activity in which force, coercion, and fraud are used to transport women across international boundaries for economic gain. As a complex organised criminal activity, human trafficking is comparable to the trafficking of drugs and weapons, but it is more profitable and less risky because many forms of the […]

Which Poison Killed Mandira: Murder Mystery of a Rape Victim – II

Reading Time: 8 minutesIn the second and final part of the fictionalised true story of a rape victim, Aftermath, we find that the plot thickens. Mandira’s diary, found by her daughter, Ananya, convinces her that she had not committed suicide but had been murdered. Her cell phone that could provide the clenching details of the murder clue was mysteriously […]

Aftermath: Death Mystery of a Rape Victim-I

Reading Time: 8 minutesIt’s sad that rape victims are victimised in India – and Southeast Asia. Nandita fictionalises a true incident, in two parts, showing the storms and turmoil within the rape victim, Mandira. After her death, her daughter finds her diary, where she wrote her heart out, “I’m not dead, but somehow a part of my mind tells it […]