Author: Michelle Yost

The Harvest

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe labour of love never goes waste. It is always blessed with fruition. Michelle, our columnist, and her partner, Md. Kaushik put their shoulders to the wheel. Against all odds, they rescued and rehabilitated street children, in Gazipur, in Bangladesh. They took measures to make their benevolent project self-reliant. A building and a farm they acquired bloomed with […]

A Story of Empowerment: Koushik Propelled the Engine of Social Change in Bangladesh

Reading Time: 4 minutesMichelle tells us how she met Md. Koushik Ahmed. He was a shopkeeper at a mall. He did the things that other single men of his age did after work. Ride motorcycles, play pool and just mess around. They laughed and joked around, but gradually their friendship deepened. He agreed to work on the project. […]

Child Labour or Slavery: Minhaz is the Hope for Change!

Reading Time: 4 minutesA seven-year- old child, Minhaz, is thrown on the streets by his parents. He, like other homeless and destitute children, land up working as child labour. The working conditions are terrible. Children are beaten up for no rhyme or reason. The brutality unleashed on them is savage. Kaushik saves Minhaz. But, there are many more Minhaz-like children on […]

Community Participation made the Project Viable

Reading Time: 4 minutesFahim, as are all the children of the street, did not trust Kaushik initially. But, as he listened to him explain the benefits of having an education, a safe place to stay, friends, food without the need to beg, Fahim came around to the idea. All children at the school chose to be there. Kaushik’s work was being […]

Child Labourers: Educating and Emancipating Through Community Participation

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe miserable plight of the child labourers in Gazipur, Bangladesh, called for immediate action. Michelle and her partner launched the programme, ‘We Learn’, to rescue and rehabilitate street children. She reveals the hurdles that they faced. They wished to purchase property, a farm and a house. The author’s partner’s family helped them. Soon street children started coming in. […]

Poor Bangladeshi Women sans Farming Tools Clawed the Soil to Grow Paddy

Reading Time: 4 minutesMichelle shares her experiences of empowering homeless women and children. The project We Help is not a charity. It believes in making people think out of the box. Lease land was arranged, so were seeds. But, there were no farming tools. They just laughed and got on their hands and knees. Yes, they cleared the land by hand, […]