Author: Michele Baron

saffron scattering

here’s a poem by michele that would make us search our souls – evocative and enigmatic. the tundra is vast, summer’s life teeming, greening, sliding softly to autumn, sunset’s sleep, warm and red; and suddenly, swift, white, and silent — all covered with snow, with darkness and ice, from the fall through the windswept and […]

A Confluence of Sensibilities

Michele reviews, ‘The Significant Anthology’, edited by Reena Prasad and Dr Ampat Koshy.  A 300- page compendium, it showcases 176 contributing authors. Its three sections, poetry, prose and long poem, contains ‘secrets of its own’, as the Different Truths reviewer tells us. With touches of brilliant poetry, captivating prose, and gripping characterisations and themes, The Significant Anthology, assembled and edited by […]