Author: Michele Baron

tea, salt, and teranga

Reading Time: 8 minutesNot all salt harvesters are held in equal esteem. As in many economically-challenged zones across the world, outside Dakar, in the shallow basin of Senegal’s Lac Rose, salt workers labour under the unrelenting heat of the dry-season sun, earning a pittance compared to the sums received by the package-marketers of the salt they produce.  Children […]

The Hunger of Oleg Sentsov

Reading Time: 4 minutesOn the 15th of May 2018, one month before Russia celebrated the opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Oleg Sentsov began an indefinite hunger strike, which continues today — not only to protest his own imprisonment, but that of nearly 70 compatriots, fellow Ukrainian artists, actors, political prisoners. And, today, Sentsov is battling towards the […]


Reading Time: 5 minutesAn enigmatic short story, by Michele, as a tribute to Tagore, a Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. “I really cannot understand,” her fingers pounded out on the keypad, “why you do not understand why, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question has to be, as was so clearly offered, ’42.’ …101010 […]

the studio

Reading Time: 12 minutesA poignant story by Michele, concerning neurodiversity, for the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. “When I am not prepping or playing a concert, or teaching, I paint,” he said, looking at me through those oversized, dark-rimmed glasses. “I paint, I play the piano, I write songs. Life goes on, and if you don’t grab […]

heart of things

Reading Time: 1 minute  Michele connects with nature in an evocative poem, for Earth Day, exclusively for Different Truths. “do you know,” I wrote, trailing words behind my finger in the rich, loose loam, “anything about the promise of Earth Day?”   the wind whispered and whirled, winsome, around me, and I sifted some of my garden’s brown […]

chains, choices, chances, change … considering Women’s Day, 2018

Reading Time: 8 minutesA newborn does not care about the mother’s credentials, caste, class, culture, creed or colour — only that the mother’s arms are strong, her hands supportive and gentle, that there is food, shelter, time to dream, and something to hope for, rather than violence. Michele raises several questions on Women’s Day, as part of the Special Feature. A Different […]

The Summer of Freedom and the Sunshine of Human Rights

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhat of those caught within the borders of unpublicised, unseen, unspoken battles for power, for control? What happens when people, due to values of faith, of fealty, of finance, find the summer sun eclipsed by exigencies of circumstance, of access, of politics, of the clash between a global concept of human rights, and a local […]

Milestones of a Journey from Feb 1909, near the Statue of Liberty, to IWD 2017

Reading Time: 6 minutesIn Copenhagen, 1910, at the Second International Conference of Working Women, German activist Clara Zetkin raised a vote, supported by women from 17 nations, to organise an International Working Women’s Day. In 1912, nine years after “Give me your tired, your poor…” was engraved on the pedestal plaque of the Statue of Liberty, after poor women desperate to earn […]

A Modest Menu Encourages Dialogue on Poverty, Hunger, Ethics and Inclusion

Reading Time: 10 minutesA Modest Menu looks beyond the measurable aspects of poverty, hunger, global land use and food security, waste and pollution, human trafficking, exclusion, and the myriad other challenges which affect our lives, and will impact our future. A varied selection of essays, poetry and short stories shed light of conditions shared by those most impacted by lack of […]

saffron scattering

Reading Time: 1 minutehere’s a poem by michele that would make us search our souls – evocative and enigmatic. the tundra is vast, summer’s life teeming, greening, sliding softly to autumn, sunset’s sleep, warm and red; and suddenly, swift, white, and silent — all covered with snow, with darkness and ice, from the fall through the windswept and […]