Author: Martins Tommyson

After the Taste of Juicy Zobo-Blood

An anti-war protest poem by Martins, for Different Truths. After fuddled in thought around 12am, in the serene night I depleted my thought which was flitting through my mind my thought I proffered no ears but nature reasoned with me. When depleted, it was just like a cannikin tipsy with water and then disgorged. Night […]

On my Darling’s Cheekbones

A love poem by Martins, where he likens her sensuousness to the intoxication of Palm-wine, for Different Truths. I see on her cream, fleshy cheekbones a pellucid colour glimmers like of a pink rose that harmonise with her lips. I see in her a full moon love which pops up in the welkin. Her love flicking in the […]

Steal a Glance at the Sky

Here’s Martins’ nature poem and his invocation to the Sun, in this poem that operates at many layers, for Different Truths. Look! Hey, look up see the sun sitting still on the cloudy sky flaring on the days of worry and slitting through the sky; eyeballing on the earth with a beautiful smile and then gyring […]

The Sun-god at Mount Horeb

An evocative poem to Nature – a prayer to the Sun-god – showing the deep connect with the heavenly bodies in African culture by Martins, for Different Truths. Sun-god sitting still on Mount Horeb amidst the stark clouds, sweeping towards the swept open space between trees and pawing at white and dark fleshy flesh. Sun-god your […]


Meandering through despair, these poems seek hope and promise. An evocative poem by Martins, a young poet from Nigeria, for Different Truths. IN TRIAL TIMES Paddle! Paddle!! Paddle!!! Paddle your pirogue down the valley Even when your moment seems heavy Spring to life in tasteless tingling time Only the gritty nibbles with the rhythm Of time. […]

The Beautiful Ones

Meandering through despair, this poem seeks hope and promise. An evocative poem by Martins, a young poet from Nigeria, for Different Truths. Roused in the heart of night I sit and stare Boiling in the rhythm of thought On this road, Life lost, Life saved, Beauty flies by and by Pain flies by and by Hope […]