Author: Mamta Joshi

Cupid on the Assembly Line

Everyone is loving in the same conformist manner. It appears as if Love is on the assembly line with the same packing, the same shape, coming with an expiry date. Valentine’s Day has grabbed the eyeballs of the Indian nation, with a sizeable youthful population. This year it follows closely the footsteps of Vasant, the festival ushering spring; […]

Annual Moksha on Sand Banks

Mamta beautifully depicts the supermarket of religion that springs up, in Allahabad, every year, where religion is commerce. Here Moksha (salvation) is an annual dose. The imagery and metaphors are picturesque in this verse, for Different Truths. My City A drowsy settlement Located on the confluence Of three holy rivers Singing primeval epiphanies Transforms annually Into a […]

Ring in the New but do not Ring out the Old

Traditions are wearing away now, like a bar of soap; smaller in size though better packaged than before. If a moving advertisement doesn’t remind us to be, call parents or be home during the festival, we mull over it. It is the time when the box is thinking for us instead of us thinking out of the box. What is […]

A Bowlful of Elegy

A poignant and sensitive portrayal of two women, Badi ma and Choti ma, the two sisters-in-law, whose lives are strangely braided. Their glaring differences notwithstanding, they are totally dependent on each other. What happens when Badi ma is about to breathe her last and she wishes to taste lentil – something that she is not supposed to […]

The Curse of ASAP!

It is the curse of ASAP (As Soon As Possible) encircling us. Whether we are in deep sleep or in the middle of our meal, we have to meet a deadline or else perish. One ignores the fact that too much haste can lead to waste. The curse of ASAP saturates the negativity around and usually goes hand […]

Bitter Dregs of Coffee

A poem with a universality by Mamta. From coffee that two people have to the terror attacks in another continent, depicting the life and times of the now generation. A round of coffee, baked delights and dimples Celebrating youth On a vacation high Noisy clatter of cutlery and crockery Heady chatter with eloquent dreams The electric […]

A Flaming Saga of a Soul on Fire

In this evocative verse Mamta depicts the pain and agony of women. A dark poem with a ray of light, a slice of hope, at the end. Grief familiar soul Sets herself ablaze A tiny match box and a big can of kerosene Her spirit snuffed earlier than the actual demise  She moaned for long Sepsis […]

The Litany of Violence

The recent senseless killings, a terror attack, in the French Riviera (Nice) has appalled people around the globe. Mamta recounts the savage violence in verse.    In another Continent Like a leitmotif A Truck rams Turning Bastille celebration into funerary moments Footprints of terror running amok Every sunrise torn by violence Every sunset soaked in gore A spasming […]

The Circle of Love

Mamta takes us into the magical world of songs and dances during weddings. Ladies Sangeet is an important ritual, filled with fun and frolic. She reminisces a celebration of the yore. A wonderful storyteller, the surprise ending is enchanting. The raat-jaga (night out) or the Ladies Sangeet of the yore was very different from its […]

A Cosmetic Trip to Steamy Nirvana

Mamta’s comments on the synthetic beauty business and its promised Nirvana in this poem. In an upmarket high rise A swanky hall With cubicles minuscule Mirrors and  lights of every size large and small Brisk vanity business Goes round the clock The till keeps ringing with manifold gain A pretty petulant woman Seated at the reception […]

No Homecoming Ever

Three perspectives of an evocative poem by Mamta. A dinner thrown as farewell The guests lovingly swell Ambience, menu perfect The bar too well laced The mood quasi-festive A loving couple restive After three quarters of nested life The coherent dilemma Of living or leaving loses fluency Uprooted forcibly, they now talk relocation ***                He […]

Love’s Flavour Lost

Mamta explores the essence of family on the UN International Families Day (May 15), exploring the changing values and mores. Here’s Different Truths’ Special Feature on the UN International Day of Families.  #UNInternationalDayofFamilies  #families #bonds #forgive #human #dream Like the scent of the parched earth Fragrant and free The family that used to be Not packaged, gift […]

The Dicey World of Showbiz

Mamta showcases the razzamatazz and the sleaze of the showbiz. Lights! Camera! Action! An opulent set in a suburban film studio A flurry of commotion Nervous  raw energy Junior assistants and extras Competing as if in a rodeo Roughing through Poverty, enchantment and exploitation The cinematic roller coaster Exuding perfect synergy         […]

Shuffling Memories

In this poignant poem, Mamta delves into her ‘sepia memories’. As dusk settles Memories begin to scrape my mind Like negatives of snapshots Sometimes sharp Sometimes fuzzy and undefined Bringing in wanderlust Of a sedentary kind Roaming Through the maze In rooms of yore Bungalows and tenements Unriveting transfer orders Farewells and tearful partings Train […]

The Month of May and the Carbs Mayhem

Mamta takes a jibe at herself and talks about ‘weighty issues’, in this tongue-in- cheek piece. The rough and tumble of ordinary life over, I discovered I had reached close the age where sinister things should have happened by now. Well, they didn’t! “If they haven’t, they will,” warned the well-wishers gleefully, in unison. Life is indeed […]

A City’s Penance

Here’s a social commentary in verse by Mamta.  An undying tree On the banks of rivers three Two polluted, one mythical A C’ezanne brown medieval fort Mysterious shadows etched under its arches and columns Silently observes the timeless scene With ransacked traces of history The learned seers Surrounded by esoteric rituals and tantra Unimpressed by […]

A Mother Fades Away

In this poignant verse Mamta talks of the trials and tribulations of advancing age and Alzheimer. Her memory Razor sharp Loses its fluency Choked grey cells With corrosive plaque                                                    A sapless […]

Of Maya in a Mofussil Mall

Mamta depicts life in a mofussil in this verse.   Adrenalin in their bloodstreams The crowded frenzy Peaking on weekends and ‘Sale’ season Reaches dazzling swanky place                                                  With five levels of […]

A Big Fat Destination Wedding

Mamta depicts a big fat destination wedding in this verse. Far away from the city A heritage palace Pulsates with nervous frenzy                                  As a fairy tale wedding Is wrapped in satin and shiny dreams Past the manicured lawns Starters […]

A Platter of Disquiet

An evocative poem by Mamta, where she unmasks fears and appearances. Series of events Not necessarily pleasant ones Caustic and disdainful darts Thrown with practiced ease Yet we coat our veneer with plastic Showing off our pedigree A lingering vacation A spell of quiet Free from chores                 […]

Untamable Homunculi

Here’s a poem of unrest and protest by Mamta. A Narrator Spasming within Saturated with bored, desiccated life Loses control Over his characters Is he a Czar? Why should he view their world As a crowned head? If they want to seduce or be seduced They will; They are not sidekicks They champion their own […]

The Lingering Scent of Sanctuaries

The agony of a city dweller, travelling in the spatial world and the voyage within are the concerns of Mamta in this evocative poem. Cyclical nature of festivals Entwined with vacation Lead homewards Bursting with sashaying emotions Of Travel, waiting rooms and related horror stories                   The initial […]

A Writer’s Caprice

A writer and a poet, Mamta looks within in this verse. An Inner space of reflection Mining one’s interior life The thoughts are held as hostage Sorting memories Every word has to be lugged into place While the obese moon Saunters pompously Staining darkness with silvery sheen The heavy paperweight           […]