Author: Madhumita Ghosh


Madhumita translates a Bengali story, Telephone, by Satyajit Ray. Biresh Babu, a wealthy doctor’s family lost a diamond ring, mysteriously seven years ago. It was a king’s gift to his doctor grandfather, who had cured him. A telephone call reveals the mystery of the missing ring. Who was this strange caller? How did he know so much […]

The Bride of Death

Life is full of strange surprises. It’s rightly said that facts are stranger than fiction. The protagonist, Anita, found acceptance of her love with Shubho perhaps a little too late. Here’s an interesting story, by Madhumita, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Anita could no way be consoled. I sat in her bedroom, on […]

The House of the Dead

Madhumita, a non-believer, did not believe in gods or ghosts, nor did she subscribe to religion. She met her friend from another city and as they were catching up on their lives, she tells the writer a stranger story. It was about an eerie dream. A voice speaking to her friend. She also saw the beautiful cottage […]

To be a Bride Again!

Whenever a girl is dressed like a bride, she is sent away. First, from her parent’s home. And, the next time, for her final journey. The protagonist says, “I am to be married again…. The ceremony of my leaving my house again. Now for the last time.” Madhumita tells us a heart-wrenching story of an unattractive and […]

In the Light of Darkness

Is death an end? Do the ones who have passed away ever leave us? There are ten dimensions. We know only three. Here the protagonist is in conversation with her loved one, who left seven days back. An eerie account by Madhumita, in her weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. “Come closer. Let me see you.” “It is […]

A Rainy Day

Here’s an uncanny story from Madhumita. Three-day long rains had inundated the locality where the young couple stayed. The lady of the house cooked khichudi (rice and lentil porridge) and crisp onion munchies and eggplant fritters. Her husband joked about having hilsa fries with it. Find out what happened after they had hilsa, in this interesting ghost story, […]

Red Lilies

A young couple met Samuel Patrick on a rainy Saturday morning. A middle aged man, he looked harried and lost. He was reasonably well-dressed and had a bunch of red lilies with him. They met for eight consecutive Saturdays. Find out why they never met again. Here’s an interesting story from Madhumita, in her weekly […]

My Most Precious Find

A soulful poem by Madhumita. The seaside called and I went there The sands laid a bed for me the casuarina trees lined up cooled me fanning with their leaves I did not sleep The sea beckoned me The waves rushed ashore calling, Come, come with us there’s treasure hidden for you there in mid […]

The Ring

A loving husband gifts his wife a ring. It was one of the most beautiful rings that she had seen. But, things changed after she wore it. But, when she took off the ring, her husband was his old, loving self. Find out, with the protagonist the true story of the ring. An enigmatic story by Madhumita exclusively […]

Planchette: In Conversation with a Ghost

A non-believer of ghosts, Madhumita, wanted to converse with the spirits. She needed a first-hand experience with the ghosts. On an advice of a friend, she tried planchette with ouija board, pencil and candles in a dark room. A ghost did appear. Learn what it said in this exclusive weekly column that would be published every Sunday, […]

Mahasweta Devi, the Voice of the Voiceless, Passes Away in Kolkata

A firebrand writer, who had the spunk and the courage to call a spade a spade, passed away in Kolkata, on Thursday, at 90. Madhumita pays a befitting tribute to the great writer, who gave voice to the voiceless. Hers was the human voice, probing deep into the suffering heart of the less fortunate, jolting […]

An Absurd Ghost Story

From every house there came out, through open windows, shut doors and concrete walls, soft elongated shapes of light, in liquid movements. They circled the night and swayed along to the music that still played within my head. Before I could yearn to join them, I was there, in the centre, with the night, dancing. Looking, from […]

Seeking Refuge

Religious dissension partitioned of India in 1947. Two states, Bengal and Punjab, were spliced into two. An entire repertoire of Bengali literature, with its distinct echoes in cinema, documents the agony. Madhumita revisits the land of her ancestors. She shares the collective memory of being uprooted. Talking with her old mother about Dacca, she recreates the horror of […]

The Haven

Madhumita talks of two inmates of an old age home, Sunanda and Manjula. While Sunanda made a voluntary decision and reasoned with her children, Manjula was cast away. The author weaves an interesting story, based on real life incident. This is a part of Different Truths special feature on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEADD). Youth has power. […]

Babies are Crops for Sale

Based on a real life incident, Madhumita weaves a story of fatalism and pathos. Poverty is a curse. Hunger dooms people. Poor mothers are forced to sell babies to feed other children. Obfuscation deepens. The cycle of despair continues. Here’s the concluding piece of Different Truths’ eight-day special feature (April 30 to May 7) on bonded labour and […]

The Actress

Madhumita pens a story, based on a real life incident. Babies are rented out, daily, to beggars. Read what happens to one such baby. Here’s a heart-wrenching story on May Day. Even a baby is made to earn, lying listlessly in a beggar woman’s arms. It’s curse to be poor. It’s a curse that forces newborns to earn […]

The Bard and the Baul

Madhumita translates a poem of Tagore, whom she calls, Baul. She quotes a few sonnets of Shakespeare, who is better known as the Bard. Separated by continents and centuries, the Bard and the Baul are unified in their immortality, she opines. A hundred years from today Who are you there sitting curious Reading my poem A hundred […]

The Great Indian Snack

Madhumita tells us about Masala Muri or Jhaal Muri, a popular Indian snack, also known as Churmura or Bhelpuri, that unites the country. A large bowl of Jhaal Muri is a must for adda, no matter which time of the year it is. India is a country of diversity with multiple languages and culture, culinary and gastronomic varieties. […]

Architecture of Flesh: Gutsy, Intense and Deeply Sensitive

Ravi Shankar a unique voice that is bold and honest, sensitive and rational. He writes spontaneously, from his gut, with guts. He is not ashamed to speak of man’s most elemental passion, of coitus, of self-gratification, of disease and deceit, all in the same breath. Here’s a review by Madhumita. Book Details Publisher Poetrywala         […]

Mortal Immortal

Different Truths is introducing a new section, short stories, with Madhumita’s wonderful story. She is a splendid storyteller. There was a great commotion at the gates of heaven that afternoon. The dwarpals, guarding the gates, had never ever encountered such a situation in their entire immortal lives. It was a knock, nock, knocking at heaven’s door with such […]

Reflecting on Reflections: The Journey of Photography

From watching reflections on water to posing for a photograph is indeed a long journey. Here Madhumita takes us through the various phases of history, showcasing the voyage of the camera and how we react to it. Selfies might kill but the lure to pose is irresistible. Narcissus, the hunter in Greek mythology, known for his beauty, […]

Landscape Gardening: My Style

Madhumita talks of her passion, Landscape Gardening. She takes us through the history of gardening. She tells us how her M. Phil studies drew her into gardening. She showcases how she transformed the two terraces of her apartment in Kolkata into a Landscape Garden. A tailor-made garden, an Eden recreated and brought home by designer gardeners. Landscape design […]

Kalkatta is a Sure Page Turner

Kunal Basu’s fifth novel, Kalkatta, has the voice of a master storyteller. His research into the world of the subaltern is impressive. The character of the protagonist, however, comes through as unreal. It is not clear why he does what he does. Why he does not react when he should. The novel confuses the reader with chronology, opines […]