Author: Kavita Panyam

The Role of Humour in Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, and humour helps in resolving it in a healthy way, leading to stronger bonds. Hyderabad-based Kavita, a practicing psychologist, tells us the importance of humour in resolving conflicts between partners, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Conflict is a part of life. It exists as a […]

The Effect of Parental Behaviour on the Academic and Social Skills of Children

Effective parenting has never been more important to a family’s success than today. Proper parenting shapes the coming generations and the way the next generation will behave, affecting the world around them. Children’s physical and emotional issues as well as their social and cognitive development, greatly depend on their family dynamics. Here’s an insight into the […]

Apologising is an Art

  One does not lose respect in the eyes of another when one apologises. An important thing to keep in mind is to maintain the tone of the voice, it should remain constant. Apologising can pave way for a better relationship in the coming times. Perceptions can be momentary and people may be impulsive. The […]

Psychological Manifestations of Addiction

Addiction can have some serious psychological manifestations. A psychological addiction refers to how the individual is mentally dependent on certain behaviours. Kavita, a Hyderabad-based, clinical psychologist, dwells on the issue of addiction, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Addiction can be defined as the continued use of a mood altering substance or behaviour despite adverse consequences. A […]

How Imagination Shapes Your Reality

  Research has proved time and again – that imagination is indeed a magical power, which shapes our thoughts as well as reality. Thoughts are vibrations, manifestations of energy, and most thoughts are transient in nature, that is to say, they appear or linger for a time depending on the energy given to them. By […]

The Philosophy of Depression

When the symptoms of sadness grow stronger with time, it’s time to seek medical help. Kavita, a practicing psychologist, tells us about depression, its symptoms among men, women, and teenagers. Stress and rat race cause various kinds of depressions. She also tells us how to handle this malice, in the regular column, exclusively for Different Truths. Many […]

Why Understanding the Teenage Mind is so hard? What can you do about it!

When you understand why teens behave as they do, it becomes easier to co-exist without judging them. Almost in every household across the world, teens have been blamed for ruining the peace in their family with their tantrums and other behaviour patterns. Let us try to understand why teens behave as they do. According to a recent major […]

How to Move beyond Heartbreaks and Lost Love!

Most people would have experienced at least one breakup in their lives, which would have either changed them for the better or scarred them forever. Heartbreaks can happen to anyone, at all ages but when it seems to linger on your mind for a long time, it can lead to depression and feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem. […]

How Internet, the New Age Therapist, is making the World More Vocal!

Before the Internet made its impact, people were wary of communicating openly but for a few extroverts (as they were called). It was tough to get people to speak their minds with ease and comfort. The fear of speaking in the presence of people made communication all the more difficult. People would send greeting cards or probably […]

Three is a Company: The Third Person who Steadies a Doomed Relationship

Marriage is another word for responsibility and is laden with stress and frictions. There is tussle between spouses as to who is contributing more and in what ways. As the tussles grow, the spouses become distant and that is when mild cracks appear in the marriage. This is the time when there is chance of a third (read […]

The Politics of Love: Power Struggles in Matters of the Heart!

When two people meet and sparks fly, it is understood that something might come out of this interaction. Soon when the two profess and commit, a relationship is born. In the initial stages, one person says “I love you” over and over again, while the other partner basks in it and says it just a few times. […]

Why is Online Romance Trending on Cyber Space?

  The anonymity of the cyber space make us throw caution to the wind. It often bares the passions that one keeps in check in real lives. There have been cases of cheating with dangerous after effects in the worldwide web. There is an ugly side to social networking sites as well. Not all singles interact with the […]

Temptations across the Forbidden Land: Married but in Love with Someone Else

Most people stuck in half and half relationships find their lives messier and unhappier than before and that’s when they may approach a marriage counsellor to set right things in their turbulent lives. What could have been for keeps is now up for sweeps. One falls out of “love” just as easily as they fell into it. This […]

Startling Facts about Child Abuse Outside of Home Uncovered-II

  Children are not safe at homes. They are not safe outside homes, in hostels, schools, school buses, in music classes or coaching classes. To think that only girls are unsafe needs a rethink in this age and time. Ragging can get really terrifying in boys hostels causing a lot of mental and physical distress to the inmates. […]

Is your Home Safe from Child Abuse? – I

  The impact of abuses on a child can be permanent. A child is like clay and when (s)he is violently moulded into undesirable shapes, (s)he can break. His/her self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and trusting abilities suffer. The child may develop psychological problems later on in life if these are not resolved early. The stigma of seeing a psychologist […]