Author: Kavita Panyam

What is Buddy Parenting?

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen parents become friends to their children, obstacles turn into opportunities says, Kavita, a Hyderabad-based practicing psychologist. Get an insight into parenting, in the regular column, exclusively in Different Truths. Raising children is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. Something you may not be prepared for, which happens gradually as […]

Why Women Develop Depression and Weight Gain: Measures to Combat these Issues

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Depression and weight gain in women are very common. In fact, women are twice likely to develop these as compared to men. Hyderabad-based Kavita, a practicing psychologist, tells us the reasons and methods of combatting these, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. Clinical depression is a serious disorder. It causes feelings of […]

Love, Life, and Togetherness

Reading Time: 4 minutesToday’s fast paced world has created voids in many areas of our lives. Living has become more mechanical and artificial, resulting in loneliness and strained relationships. Meaningful conversations, humorous banters are a thing of the past. With the advent of gadgets in our lives, a lot has changed for the worse. Social media has over […]

The Role of Humour in Resolving Conflicts

Reading Time: 4 minutesConflict is an inevitable part of life, and humour helps in resolving it in a healthy way, leading to stronger bonds. Hyderabad-based Kavita, a practicing psychologist, tells us the importance of humour in resolving conflicts between partners, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Conflict is a part of life. It exists as a […]

The Effect of Parental Behaviour on the Academic and Social Skills of Children

Reading Time: 5 minutesEffective parenting has never been more important to a family’s success than today. Proper parenting shapes the coming generations and the way the next generation will behave, affecting the world around them. Children’s physical and emotional issues as well as their social and cognitive development, greatly depend on their family dynamics. Here’s an insight into the […]

Apologising is an Art

Reading Time: 4 minutes  One does not lose respect in the eyes of another when one apologises. An important thing to keep in mind is to maintain the tone of the voice, it should remain constant. Apologising can pave way for a better relationship in the coming times. Perceptions can be momentary and people may be impulsive. The […]

Psychological Manifestations of Addiction

Reading Time: 5 minutesAddiction can have some serious psychological manifestations. A psychological addiction refers to how the individual is mentally dependent on certain behaviours. Kavita, a Hyderabad-based, clinical psychologist, dwells on the issue of addiction, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Addiction can be defined as the continued use of a mood altering substance or behaviour despite adverse consequences. A […]

How Imagination Shapes Your Reality

Reading Time: 6 minutes  Research has proved time and again – that imagination is indeed a magical power, which shapes our thoughts as well as reality. Thoughts are vibrations, manifestations of energy, and most thoughts are transient in nature, that is to say, they appear or linger for a time depending on the energy given to them. By […]

The Philosophy of Depression

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhen the symptoms of sadness grow stronger with time, it’s time to seek medical help. Kavita, a practicing psychologist, tells us about depression, its symptoms among men, women, and teenagers. Stress and rat race cause various kinds of depressions. She also tells us how to handle this malice, in the regular column, exclusively for Different Truths. Many […]

Why Understanding the Teenage Mind is so hard? What can you do about it!

Reading Time: 7 minutesWhen you understand why teens behave as they do, it becomes easier to co-exist without judging them. Almost in every household across the world, teens have been blamed for ruining the peace in their family with their tantrums and other behaviour patterns. Let us try to understand why teens behave as they do. According to a recent major […]