Author: Kavita Panyam

Why is Online Romance Trending on Cyber Space?

  The anonymity of the cyber space make us throw caution to the wind. It often bares the passions that one keeps in check in real lives. There have been cases of cheating with dangerous after effects in the worldwide web. There is an ugly side to social networking sites as well. Not all singles interact with the […]

Temptations across the Forbidden Land: Married but in Love with Someone Else

Most people stuck in half and half relationships find their lives messier and unhappier than before and that’s when they may approach a marriage counsellor to set right things in their turbulent lives. What could have been for keeps is now up for sweeps. One falls out of “love” just as easily as they fell into it. This […]

Startling Facts about Child Abuse Outside of Home Uncovered-II

  Children are not safe at homes. They are not safe outside homes, in hostels, schools, school buses, in music classes or coaching classes. To think that only girls are unsafe needs a rethink in this age and time. Ragging can get really terrifying in boys hostels causing a lot of mental and physical distress to the inmates. […]

Is your Home Safe from Child Abuse? – I

  The impact of abuses on a child can be permanent. A child is like clay and when (s)he is violently moulded into undesirable shapes, (s)he can break. His/her self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and trusting abilities suffer. The child may develop psychological problems later on in life if these are not resolved early. The stigma of seeing a psychologist […]