Author: Kalpita Mukherji

Cricket owes a lot to Dalmiya and Packer

Two gutsy guys, Jagmohan Dalmia, in India, and Kerry Packer, in Australia, had the spunk to think out of the box. They were not afraid of controversies and legal hassles. The result was a greater popularity of Cricket and more money for this game. Here’s an analysis by Kalpita. Cricket is a game that started in England. […]

Caribbean Cricket Hurtling Down and Down

Caribbean was at the top of world cricket for three decades, 1970s to 90s. Their pace attack and splendid batsmen are legends of all time. Kalpita analyses the steady decline of the West Indian cricket in this report. There were times when the West Indians were at the top of world cricket. The likes of […]

Spin Doctors at Play

India pockets the home Test series against South Africa on tailor made spinning tracks. But how ethical is to ‘trap’ the visitors on ‘dusty’ under-prepared wickets? Different Truths’ sports correspondent, Kalpita Mukerji, writes on the recent Cricket controversy. Dictionaries term a spin doctor as a person who publicises favorable interpretations of the words and actions of a public […]