Author: Kabir Deb

When Death is Money

A poignant poem by Kabir where he shows the futility of life as death is money and profit, exclusively for Different Truths. Flares burning in mid air  Rain extinguishing the separated parts of fire People slithering beneath them demand the spare   They sell the garments and others which are prior    There’s no one […]

Who is Slamming Education and Suppressing Counter-Narrative?

A healthy debate is a rarity among the present generation. The sole reason is that a debate requires two sets of people with two different mindsets but with a common aim of development. Kabir questions the lack of healthy debate, exclusively for Different Truths. Pity the nation that raises not its voice, save when it […]

Queer Pride

A poem about the trials and tribulations of the LGBTQ community, by Kabir, for Different Truths. We know what fails to suit us Yet we believe that it is an obligation No, it’s not, O dear friend of mine Never ask the shy but friendly orator Whom we all know as a “Boy” Whether he […]

Slaves Still Rule: A Soliloquy from Kritodash

Kabir translates a famous soliloquy of a slave from the play Kritodash in Bengali. Crossing the barriers of time and place, the slave talks of the human consciousness from the beginning of time. A Different Truths exclusive.   “Who am I, how old am I, and where I was born I do not know,” said […]


Here’s an intense, enigmatic poem, by Kabir, that deals with the cruelty of the society, for Different Truths. The hell replenishes itself  Pleased by her evil desires as mirage  An unborn child kicks her mother  While she smiles with that tremor  From this pen, I write a poem  Not about the smile she just gave  […]

Banned Girl

An intense ballad about the perversity of the society for a woman, her sexuality, and salvation, by Kabir, in Different Truths.  One night, two souls united  Breaking many customs of their world  Giving birth to a baby girl Mother breathed her last oxygen  Father felt one pain and one happiness  Step one, two, and three, […]

Why Such a Hullabaloo Regarding Condom Advertisements on TV?

Why are we prudes even after 70 years of Independence? Condom ads are to be shown from 10 PM to 5 AM, as instructed by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Kabir asks a pointed question, exclusively in Different Truths. Condom ads to be shown from 10 PM to 5 AM as instructed by the Union Ministry of […]

Fate of a Prostitute

An intense and powerful poem, with grotesque imagery, that depicts the life of a prostitute, by Kabir, in Different Truths, Every night haunts her  Even when she smiles seductively  Dew drops fall on her window  Just like sweat gathers on her breast Claustrophobic mind still opens every night  As they collectively spit, “How much?” Her […]

The World Today…

Kabir agonises about the meaninglessness of contemporary existence, giving us a slice of the urban life, in this verse, in Different Truths. More kisses, fewer conversations One truth is yet to be seen when love arrives Hands weaving around the other Books closing with scared libraries Meeting today happens in a restaurant Where he talks […]

Bolshevik: It is Hundred

Here’s a poem by Kabir, on the occasion of the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution, in Different Truths. Adhered to the wall  They craved for freedom  One after another punch  Throbbing on their faces  For them it was the ease of living  To be a tamed slave  Even when they were untamed from inside  Boom! […]