Author: Joyce Yarrow

The History House is Rocking

Reading Time: 1 minuteJoyce also wears the hat of a musician and singer, when she is not writing. An interesting poem where the writer-poet and the musician-singer meet. The world’s five greatest composers were beating their clean fingernails in grammatical order at the young musician who plays the triangle and comes from one of Pirandello’s sulfur permeated towns and […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteA surrealist poem by Joyce, where realities, dreams and painting mix and merge. Inside the screen the stairs were a radioactive blue leading up to a bright world that made the chips behind my eyes ache beneath the texture maps of marble and granite I visualised the dancing numbers, the machine language of creation ones […]

Dialog with a Cave Woman

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn enigmatic poem where Joyce travels through time as two women, a mask and a person, talk. I see your fierce face peering out from behind an African mask in the window of a 5th Avenue gallery yet I barely pause in my stalking of the urban prey we call pleasure I feel your elemental stare […]

The Detective and the Poet

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe mystery writer and the poet in Joyce tells us what’s the brief of either in this interesting verse. The detective runs down digs up uncovers exposes and brings to light what we refuse to touch but can safely be seen from the other side of the TV screen munching genetically modified food to put us […]

Muslims and LGBT Representatives Stand Together in Orlando, Florida

Reading Time: 2 minutesAnger begets anger, hatred begets hatred. The Orlando carnage, was unleashed by a gunman Omar Mateen killed 50 and injured 53, during a horrific shooting at the LGBT nightclub, Pulse. There was a surge on anti-Muslim reactions from all over the United States. Muslims in Florida were donating their blood to help the victims this morning in Orlando. […]

Why My Father Swam

Reading Time: 1 minuteJoyce tells us about a father-daughter relationship in this poem. This is her selection for the World Poetry Day. impossible to solve the riddle of why his mother gave him to the nuns their faded eyebrows pinched like clothes pins around each forbidden thought his old life lost impossible to fix the broken light switch the […]

The Language of the Heart

Reading Time: 5 minutesJoyce reviews a book on literary criticism, Reflection of Social Ethos in the Selected Novels of Arundhati Roy, Kiran Desai and Arvind Adiga by Dr. Archana Bhatarcharjee for Different Truths. The reviewer quotes the author, “Indian English literature is an absolute product of the Indian social ethos and sensibility.” Book Details:               […]

San Bernardino Carnage: Whose Life is it Anyway!

Reading Time: 4 minutesGuns kill people. But the NRA relies heavily on the support of the $12-billion-a-year gun industry, made up of manufacturers and sellers of firearms, ammunition and related wares. That alliance was sealed in 2005, when Congress, after heavy NRA lobbying, approved a measure that gave gun makers and gun distributors broad, and unprecedented, immunity from a wave of […]

A Song Parts the Veil of History

Reading Time: 3 minutesConvivencia is the coexistence of different faiths in Spain, in early eighth century till the expulsion of Jews in 1492. It celebrates the common ancestry of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The shared heritage s lost in the mists of time. Here’s a report by Joyce. History hides behind many veils and waits to reveal itself only […]

How Music Saved My Life!

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Those were the days of Hippie movement and flower children. While life and living seemed gloomy, music was the much needed panacea. Here’s a personal account how of music saved the life of the author.   The mattress was firm and so high off the floor, it could only have belonged to a hospital bed. […]