Author: Johanna Climenko

Travelling the World in NYC: Conversations with Cab Drivers and Other Multi-Cultural Excursions

Reading Time: 11 minutesThe interplay of different cultures – read multiculturalism – opens the horizons to a person, who is compassionate and deeply observant. As a Dance/Movement Therapist, nonverbal communication is the soul of communication for Johanna. Here’s an insightful exploration of Ghana, in New York, because of her housekeeper, Rose, and her conversations with cab drivers from […]

Wilma Casal: From Dance, to Healing, to Dance

Reading Time: 5 minutes  Wilma is an upcoming choreographer in the US; in her native Germany she was a prima ballerina. She could have had her choice of major ballet companies in Europe in which to be a principal dancer. Europe in general is far more generous than the USA. Had Wilma decided to continue her dance career in Europe, she […]