Author: Dr. Jernail Singh Anand

A Remarkable Horizontal Vastness and a Rare Vertical Depth in the Poetry of Basudeb Chakraborti – IV

Basudeb Chakraborti’s poetry has a remarkable horizontal vastness and a rare vertical depth. His poetry concerns itself with all the essential aspects of life and one feels the imprint of his originality of thought and expression. The riches of experience that he brings to bear invest his poetry with the authenticity of feeling and variety […]

An Insight into the Psyche of the Modern Man in the Poems of Basudeb Chakraborti – III

Basudeb Chakraborti’s poems, on loneliness, offer mature insight into the psyche of the modern man.  In his poem, ‘Love to be a Loner’, he declares:  “A life of complete fulfilment I do not desire”, but he is also aware that if he wants to enjoy the space for tomorrow, he will have to transcend his ‘complacency’ and […]

The Dynamics of Creation in the Poetry of Basudeb Chakraborti – II

A patient has to be etherised, only then a major operation can take place. Similarly, in the creation of poetry too, our consciousness takes a leap, and we exist in our sub-conscious; let go of our senses and let the invisible forces play on our abstract mind. In the second part, Dr. Jernail and Prof. […]

Poetry of Basudeb Chakraborti is Rooted in the Indian Tradition – I

It can be safely said that academicism and creativity often have an inverse relationship, as most the creative giants had nothing to do with the teaching of literature, and both of these fields overlap very rarely. It is in this rare overlapping that we place the work of Chakraborti who has a fertile grounding in […]