Author: Ipsita Ganguli


An intense and powerful woman-centric verse by Ipsita, for Different Truths. This world around me Hold me up; Turns me round Pulls and pushes me down And just as I start frowning at it I look up and see the stars And smell the salty sea My lungs fill up My lips curve into a […]

A Sandy Grey City

Ipsita sees her city in different colours, various moods, in this surreal verse. This city of mine Smelt a sandy grey today Dusty, A storm in its eye, A lover’s tiff Ensconced this city As she wore this                                   […]

Sisterhood Beyond Borders-I

Ipsita and Urooj found each other through poetry and discovered a deep bond, an inexplicable affinity and affection resulting in a beautiful bond beyond borders. They came together in sisterhood, melting geographical distances Kolkata and Karachi. A unique experiment in creative jugalbandi. To Urooj from Ipsita A drop of rain falls On my palm, I press it to my […]

A Drive through the Clouds

Ipsita celebrates the beauty of majestic hills wrapped in a veil of light drizzle. Imagine the hills As twilight descends And the clouds come down To settle on the hilltops. A light drizzle And the roads bend and swerve through the majestic hills The ferns and conifers and the mountain air wears that fragrance… All […]


Here’s a jugalbandi in two poems by Ritamvara (as daughter) and Ipsita (as mother). They have been composing poems in sync with each other. Here are two poems by two gifted poets, a Mother’s Day special of Different Truths. You curl up to my curves, Your softness That of silken Sand dunes On a winter night. Soft […]