Author: Geethanjali Dilip

From Ammu to Amma: The Iron Lady of Unique Mettle of Tamilnadu

Geethanjali, who met the cine star, Jayalalithaa, as a child, pays a soulful tribute to the fiery, feisty and the proverbial Iron Lady of Tamilnadu, endearingly called ‘Amma’ by one and all. In her pinafore days, as student of Bishop Cotton Girls’ School, Bangalore, she was affectionately called ‘Ammu’. Her long and arduous journey from […]


An intense and poignant verse that laments the urbanisation. Songbirds are the romanticism, hope and light of our lives, feels Geethanjali. The afternoon fritters down in its crusty bronze brunch spread, Sprinkling appetizer dreams on fields of hope that stretch on the browns and greens, And scurrying feet feed in its aroma that smog the drooling […]

In Time

Geethanjali identifies with nature in the evocative poem. A Romantic at heart, she talks about allowing souls to blossom in their beauty and strength. Here’s her poem of hope and tolerance exclusively for Different Truths. Take your time. I will take mine too. I am a seed that sits in the dirt. I wait to push myself […]

The Frame

Geethanjali gives us a glimpse of ‘not such a perfect world’, a slice of urban life in this poem. In not such a perfect world, Let you and I imperfectly fit, For this Earth even as She twirled, Didn’t into calendars, perfectly sit. A give and take, an adjustment to make, When in the din […]