Author: Eswar Anandan

Made in China: Are we Funding a Brutal Regime by buying Chinese Products?

One of the most important elements used to power the mobile phones – Lithium is found in abundance in a region, which China claims its own – Tibet! Post illegal occupation of Tibet, China has got access to the abundant natural resources that Tibet is known for and has been exploiting it like crazy for its own economic, […]

Thukpa: A Soup with Historic Importance

In 1959, when His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama had to leave Tibet and travel to India seeking refuge, the members who accompanied him, which included his teachers, members of the Kashag, his family members including his mother, were asked not to carry anything. Dalai Lama’s mother had to dress like a man and had only carried a […]

Butter Sculptures: The Traditional Art Form of Tibet

Butter Sculpture is one of the traditional art forms of Tibet. More than a piece of art, it has religious implications which is in line with Buddhist teachings. Monks at the monasteries learn for years together to learn and sharpen their skills in sculpting Butter Sculptures. A form of meditation, the monk works for days together to achieve […]

Deaths changed his Heart and he became a Tibetan Rights Activist

Eswar talks about the suddenness and finality of death. He shares a slice of his life, where he saw critical patients being wheeled in the hospital. He talks about his grandmother, who held his hands and talked to him and then the news of her death reaches him or a person sharing his grief with the writer. After […]