Author: Elsy Satheesan

Pearl Figures

Various things in our lives are given that we cannot escape. Embedded in this reality, Elsy creates a magic with a lotus wand to get the poet’s perals, in this verse, in Different Truths. The irritant that beds by force in the downy soil of the soul cannot be wished or washed away No wizardry can whisk […]

Strength is My Weakness

In this love poem, Elsy talks about the paradoxes of life and her calling as a poet, in Different Truths. An evocative poem that would linger on. Strength is my weakness, and weakness, my strength. In me the strong and weak go hand in hand. But that is my weakness, I cannot cry where others would […]

Poor Iron Will

In this verse, Elsy takes an example of a little speck of iron that could not escape the attraction of a Big Magnet. Here’s an evocative love poem, in Different Truths. The little speck of iron, which always dwelt serene, was gliding real smooth in its own safe orbit. Then came the Big Magnet with a […]

With Apology to Keats

Here’s a lyrical poem with a recall of Keats, in Different Truths. Elsy’s interpretation is interesting. There is many a slip between the cup and the lip, so the aphorism goes. Sipping the cup is bliss, slipping the cup is woe, so do most presume. Present, scans the past, with a smile in one eye, and […]


Elsy tells us about a woman – perhaps any woman – who plants a secret in the garden and soul. The garden blooms. An evocative poem for Different Truths. She planted a secret in her garden and one in her soul too. The secret in the garden bloomed into golden marigolds, and stood beaming, with bouquets […]

Energy Sapped

Elsy talks about the many struggles of women in this verse. An evocative poem exclusively for Different Truths. Hard work in the yard left her energy sapped. She lay drained, like a chewed cane stick, entreating the Powers to reanimate her. Before long, vigor trickled back into her, like water oozing into pump-dried well. Energised, she […]

Agony of an Artist

In this verse, Elsy unravels the agony of an artist, who despite his weaknesses soars up with strength. A poem about the dynamics of creativity exclusively for Different Truths. With strength hidden in the center of weakness, artist lives in soft dreams veined with love. When hit hard at the soft core, he spins in rhythmic […]

The Sky has Caught Fire

Elsy is a poet of peace. She questions terror and war in this poignant verse exclusively for Different Truths. The sky has caught fire, so has man’s conscience! Bhoom! Bhoom! the bombs thunder. Sky and earth go afire in a little country bombarded by Giants under the promise of keeping it terror-free. Since when is demolition […]

Earning My Bread

Elsy speaks of her love for nature and the pressures of daily life to earn our livelihoods. A poem of inner conflict exclusively for Different Truths. The mist at dawn floating up the lawn lifted my spirits up to horizon heights. The morning commute through volatile mist along tree avenued rout, was therapy to atman*. I […]

Yellow Poplar

In this verse about flowers and nature, Elsy sees life’s lessons. A didactic poem with a moral exclusively for Different Truths. The yellow poplar, alias, the tulip tree, stood proud and tall flaunting its meaty blooms, atop a bed of bona fide tulips, with a little smirk on its lips. The little bed of tulips, sure, […]

Beyond a Point

A poem of hope that dispels all despondency by Elsy for Different Truths. Beyond a point, things get past caring. Who will water the saplings so lovingly tended? Who will feed the birds that come hopefully to the feeder? Who will bake cakes, blending love and chocolate, for visiting grand kids? Who will organise voices, […]

Frozen Pain

Elsy talks of love, hope and pain in this verse exclusively for Different Truths. She arrayed her dreams like petals of a rose, lent them the scent of her hope, the colour of her joy and sat back in simper! Lovely! she told herself, and went on to dream more dreams. But then came the […]