Author: Durgesh Verma

Fleeting Time!

Reading Time: 1 minuteA poem about death, by Durgesh, that sees life in harsh reality, for Different Truths. Fleeting time digs grave so deep. From the spade of pendulum which does sound like tick-tock. Sometimes we throw the pebbles of delusion into sediments of fate. Which leaves us speechless at the final end. When a fetus takes birth […]

Dedicated to all my Poet Friends

Reading Time: 1 minutePoems are the life and blood of the poets. In this verse that Durgesh dedicates to all his poet friends, he reviews the many virtues of poems, in Different Truths. Though my word expressions are not so poetic. Yet, I’m proceeding little steps to refine my confined thoughts. Muse of my mind are made for the […]

Gist of Fleeting Memories

Reading Time: 1 minuteMemories remain and often becomes part of our identity. Here’s a poem by Durgesh, for Different Truths, where he takes the ‘voyage within’ to emerge enriched. A Lotus blooms  on the sediment of memories. An old man is the real owner  of those golden stories. By remembering those glimpse he goes in past. Where – He […]