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Beena Lived the Change

They say you need only one person, yourself, to win the battle. And Beena’s journey is a living example of that. Herself being a victim of child marriage, she has crusaded a long way to prevent at least 65 such cases till date, in a remote village in Samastipur. Here’s a report how she stopped child […]

Hundreds of Rural Women Rally for Equality and Women Rights, near Allahabad

Rural women, under the banner of PMS, raised slogans and held meetings, demanding equality and women rights, at Ghoorpur market, on the outskirts of Allahabad, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Here’s a report in Different Truths. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, on March 8 (Wednesday), hundreds of women assembled in […]

The Prince of Kolkata Bats for the Unsung Princesses

In its endeavour to ensure access to education for the girl-child, CRY receives support from the legendary Sourav Ganguly, who, apart from being a cricket-icon, is also a doting father to a “very pretty and clever young girl, Sana”. In many parts of India, the birth of a girl-child is not welcomed is a known fact. It […]

Gujarat Police Unleash Brutality, Lathi Charge Protesting Farmers

AIKMS strongly condemned lathi charge and tear gas firing on 5000 protesting farmers of Sanand, Gujarat, who were marching to Gandhinagar against the government having diverted irrigation water for their fields for Sanand industries. On Tuesday (Feb 14) about 5000 farmers began the march on tractors. They were from 32 villages of the area including Veeramgam, Bavla, and Sanand. […]

Sand Workers demand Work; Elections does not mean Withdraw Employment

The district committee of AIKMS has castigated the UP government for snatching the livelihood of more than 50,000 sand workers and their families. The current loss of work has been precipitated by sudden dismissal of SP government’s SLP requesting stay, on CBI inquiry, in the Supreme Court. Anti-worker SP government has deliberately did not petitioned the courts to safeguard […]

Sand Workers Protest Stoppage of Work, Demand Action against SO Ghoorpur

Workers campaigned against these goonda tactics led by SO Ghoorpur and demanded his suspension. They also demanded seizure of the two tractors which had been caught by the workers illegally lifting dry sand. CO Karchana has ensured registration of all cases but has carefully avoided this case as their own illegal interest is involved in saving these tractors. Led by […]

Did the Modi Government sell its Soul to America?

A recent report on the Net titled “745-washington- s-role- in-india.pdf” exposes that cashless exchange was part of an agreement named, “Catalyst: Inclusive Cashless Payment Partnership” between India’s Finance Ministry and the American agency, USAID, on October 14, 2016. Even development of Adhar Cards and biometric identification system were geared towards imposing these measures, which creates digital control over banks. USAID […]

Bihar Education Budget: High on Inclusion, Low on Per-Student Spending

With one-fifth of its state budget earmarked for school education and allocating provisions for the most marginalised children, Bihar has shown positive intent, while the state lags behind in per-student spending and school infrastructure, as revealed by a recent study done by CRY and CBGA. Here’s a report. Even though having allocated close to one-fifth of the total […]

Lone Gunman kills 5, injures 13 at Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport

There is panic and fear among hundreds of passengers at the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport, as a gunman shot and killed 5 people and injured 13 before he nabbed by the police officers. The motive of the shootout is still not clear. A report.  It was frightening Friday at Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood […]

Interaction of the EU Delegation in Varanasi on Pluralism and Diversity

A European Union (EU) delegation of six members, visited Varanasi, on Dec 9, on the Human Rights Defenders Day. It met the district officials. Thereafter, Mufti Maulana Batin, Maulana Haroon Rashid and Sant Vivek Das (head priest of Kabirchaura Math) interacted with the delegation at Radisson Hotel. Pluralism, diversity, and hatred politics were main points of nearly an hour-long […]

Swarna Bharat Party Favours State Funding of Elections on per vote Basis

State funding on per vote basis is a simple and transparent solution. It is transparent. It is incentive-compatible. It has been successfully implemented in many countries. SBP suggests a reimbursement of Rs.20 per valid vote cast to the relevant candidate up to a maximum of Rs. 70 lakhs per parliamentary constituency. This calculation might be refined. A report […]

Wockhardt Foundation Human Rights Awards: Lenin Raghuvanshi Honoured among others

Wockhardt Foundation Human Rights Awards were awarded to Lenin Raghuvanshi, Teesta Setalvad, Manoj Jena, Geeta Seshamani and Dr. Shayama Chona. A report. On International Human Rights Day, Wockhardt Foundation announced Wockhardt Foundation Human Rights Popular Award in categories of Child Right Activist to Lenin Raghuvanshi, Minority Right Activist to Teesta Setalvad, Women Rights Activist to Manoj Jena, Animal Rights Activist to Geeta […]

CPIML Protests Babri Demolition, Communal Attacks, Demonetisation, Attacks on Truth

There were a protest by CPIML New Democracy activists in Allahabad, on the occasion of Babri Masjid Demolition, on Tuesday (Dec 6), observed as Communal Harmony Day. They decried the demolition of Babri Mosque, demand an arrest of those responsible, protest war mongering by Modi government and stand up against the widespread ruin of small business and farming by demonetisation. […]

Human Rights Activist Amit Singh Conferred the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship

Human rights researcher and activist Amit Singh has received the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra for his commendable work for the society. A report. According to a press release, he has received the fellowship on Sunday (Nov. 27), in Gurgaon, at the exclusive awards function, which is a part of “iCongo’s Rex Conclave, organised on Nov. 25, […]

Soccer for Child Rights at Kolkata

CRY championed the importance of child education through the beautiful game, football, on Saturday (Nov 26) at the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club Football Ground. The tournament was organised by CRY – Child Rights and You, in association with Genius Consultants Ltd. This match celebrated love for football took a new turn and became a platform for ensuring children across […]

Active Shooter in OSU (Ohio State University) Campus

Ohio State University (OSU), one of the largest campuses in the US, with 65,000 students, is in a state of lockdown. Two active shooters had reportedly broken into the campus, at 9.38am. An alarm was pulled. The fire tenders rushed and soon the law enforcement, with FBI and dog squads were pressed. A police helicopter has […]

Farmers Protest against Demonetisation, call it Anti-people: CPI-ML (ND)

Modi government’s denibetusation has hit the small and medium shopkeepers are sending away their employees as there are no customers, Kiosks are closing down, rickshaw pullers can’t find work, unemployment is rising, and retailers of perishable items like vegetables and fruits have no customers. This is not a surgical strike on black money hoarders, but a carpet bombing on […]

Author Rachna Singh says Writing Romantic Comedy Helped her Fight Cancer

Bangalore-based humour writer, Rachna Singh, had an interactive session with students of SHIATS, this afternoon (Nov 21). An Allahabad girl, she was an illustrious student, having topped in the city in I.S.C (Arts) in her batch. She was picked by Tata Motors for a job on completion of her post-graduation. She told the audience, “But just then I […]

Children Must Enjoy Their Childhood: Make Them Your Priority

CRY shares an appeal on behalf of children on Children’s Day. Let’s pause and ponder about the plight of thousands of children, whose lives are worse than animals. There are a plethora of positive and progressive laws, policies, and programmes for children. Yet, the situation remains the same, with unmet targets and worsening trends seen in nearly all […]

Energy Policy of India has Global Impact

India is on the verge of a huge quantitative and qualitative energy transition. Given the vast size of its population and economy it’s crucial for the rest of the world. An Energy business school is being set up. A four-day programme, in mid-November, in Mumbai, will address energy issues. A report. The energy choices of India may decide […]

Kolkata: 25-year-old Gang-raped in Moving Automobile after she Confuses Location

A 25-year-old foreigner girl, apparently Nepali, got mixed up with the location of a coffee shop and got down from a taxi. She sought help from a youth, who called his friends. They took her in a SUV on the pretext of helping her. She was repeatedly raped by four youth. After the gang-rape she […]

Punish Officials Helping Gaurakshak Dals

Protection of the Holy Cow is become a political weapon for Hindutwa chauvinists, the living cow against Muslims and the dead cow against Dalits. The RSS-BJP government’s drive to form illegal Cow Vigilante groups, Gaurakshak Dals, was flayed by CPI (ML) ND. A report. The UP Committee of CPI (ML) ND criticised RSS-BJP government’s drive […]

Lenin Raghuvanshi gets the M.A. Thomas National Human Rights Award-2016

Lenin Raghuvanshi a renowned human right activist has been decorated with several international and national awards. He will be conferred the prestigious MA Thomas National Human Rights Award – 2016, at Bangalore, in September this year. A report. Bangalore:  Lenin Raghuvanshi, a well-known social activist and human rights defender working among the most downtrodden and […]

Another Florida Mass Shootout in Club Blu Leaves Two Dead and 17 Wounded

A second mass shootout in a nightclub in Florida, barely a month later, that was hosting a party for the teenagers, left two dead and 17 wounded. As many as 30 gunshots were heard by a woman barely two blocks away from the nightclub. She guesstimated that there might have been more than one gunman. […]

CRY Announces the Launch of National Campaign on Child Education

A young adventure-enthusiast supports CRY and embarks upon a solo 5,000 kms long Trans-Himalayan cycle ride from Srinagar to Walong, trailblazing for the cause. A report. Kolkata & New Delhi: CRY (Child Rights and You) announces the launch of ‘School the Spark’, a national campaign to address issues related to children’s education, in a press conference held […]

From Horror to Healing: National Convention in Solidarity with Torture Victims

The National Convention appealed to Parliament, state assemblies and the executive to take multiple, specific and practical steps to ensure both the abolition of torture and put in place, at the earliest,  effective reparation schemes. It called upon the many monitoring agencies across the country including the courts, special commissions such as the National and state human rights […]

Workers in France Protest Changes in Labour Laws

The protest against anti labour laws are sharpening in France. Students have joined the workers in support in a big way. The French government has let loose massive repression on the struggle. Hundreds have been arrested in various parts, there have been several major clashes as riot police attacked the protesting workers resulting in injuries. […]

1857 War of Independence, Loot of Resources and Nationalism

True nationalism and patriotism can only be based on freedom from foreign loot and Liaqat Ali stands tall as a symbol of Indian peoples’ struggle against the East India Company which looted and carried away Indian riches to England. He is an inspiration for struggle today against WTO and World Bank conditions, which are ruining agriculture and […]

Case Study of Cartis India Survey on the Right to Education in Bihar: A Booklet

Forward Development of any society, state or country depends upon the education policy adopted by it and the most important role is played by Primary education. This is very appreciable that in last few years’ major steps has been taken by you for better implementation of primary education and it will continue in future. In […]

Protest against Repression on Dalits Fighting for Land Rights by Akailis, BJP in Punjab

There were agitation in Allahabad and Kaushambi against atrocities on Dalits by landlords and repression by the state police, in the Akali Daj-BJP led government in Punjab. A report. Hundreds of landless and poor farmers protested at various places in Allahabad and Kaushambi against atrocities on Dalits by landlords and repression by the state police in the Akali […]