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Anthology of Poems on Africa of Earth and Beauty

Reading Time: 43 minutesWe present an Anthology of Poems, on Africa, wherein 66 poets, with as many poems, spread across 19 nations [India (41); Nigeria (8); two each from the US and Mauritius; and one each from Kazakhastan, Puerto Rico, Republic of China, Germany, Mexico, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Tanzania, Turkey, Ghana, Philippine and Pakistan] enriched it. […]

Tribute to Tagore: An eAnthology of Poems

Reading Time: 11 minutesThirteen poets with as many poems, from three countries, pay their homages to Tagore, in verse, as Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths.    #1. twenty-eight line ©Michele Baron The US, currently Kyrgyzstan       #2. Birth of an Icon The sun baked Earth, On receiving first rain, Sweats out fragrance of moist mud, Trace […]

An eAnthology of Poems on Autism

Reading Time: 38 minutesAutism: An Advocacy Initiative is a campaign programme of this webzine. We present an eAnthology of Poems, wherein 42 poets, with as many poems, spread across 19 nations [India (17), Mexico (4), Puerto Rico (3), Poland & Germany (2 each) and one each from Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Macedonia, The Netherlands, Viet Nam, Cameroon, Kenya, Japan, […]

Still I Rise: IWD 2018, Anthology of Poems

Reading Time: 33 minutesOn the occasion of the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2018, Different Truths Poets present an anthology of poems, celebrating the woman, in paroxysms of emotions, enigmatic and multilayered, like her persona. Thirty-eight poets, from around the world, contributed a poem each, as part of the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths.     prelude they want a […]

Four Peace Poems: Syria Deserves a Sky

Reading Time: 5 minutesHere are four poems on Syria, which, we regret, could not be included in The Anthology on Peace, as these were received after the closure of deadline of submissions. Since contest is on, late inclusion was not possible. The four prominent poets, Luz María López, Kiren Babal, Monika Ajay Kaul and Kilasho Michael Seun graciously […]

The Peace Anthology – People against Genocide: Stop Chemical War in Syria. Save Humanity!

Reading Time: 53 minutesDifferent Truths presents The Peace Anthology – People against Genocide: Stop Chemical War. Save Humanity! It features 56 poets, with as many poems, from various parts of the world. These responsive, Social Journalist-Poets (a term unique to this Global Participatory Social Journalism Platform), have come together, to express their solidarity against the use of Chemical […]

An Anthology of Poems on Autism Awareness

Reading Time: 34 minutesIn solidarity of those suffering from autism, we, at Different Truths, bring to you an anthology of poems on autism awareness, featuring 40 poems, by as many poets, from different parts of the world. Felicitations to the Anthology Editor, Luz Maria López, for her erudite insights. Here’s the anthology, exclusively in Different Truths. The Autism […]

An Anthology of Poems Celebrating Womanhood

Reading Time: 33 minutesWe are pleased to present An Anthology of Poems Celebrating Womanhood, as part of the International Women’s Day (IWD) Theme that we, in Different Truths are featuring, spread over three days, between March 6 and 8, 2017. Poems may be likened to a mother. It is perhaps the purest form of creative expression. Take any literature, in any […]

A Mini-Anthology of Poems on V-Day

Reading Time: 5 minutesOn the occasion of the Valentine’s Day, we bring to you a mini-anthology of six poems from India and Mauritius, showing many colours of love. Lily ponders about what love is in the refrain of her three stanzas, in her poem, The Thing called Love. Shail talks of a traveller in a train, among indifferent […]