Author: Devika Raghave


Reading Time: 1 minuteAn evocative and enchanting poem of love and loss that leaves behind a sense of disquiet of nature, by Devika, for Different Truths. You stood up Shook the ends Dusted earth Twigs n fronds Liberated…!!   Felt your breath Lime blossom bloom Sun kissed valley Eager to please Sigh…!!   Embrace me one sweep, a glance […]

Bhopal’s Dying Art: Batuaa on a string

Reading Time: 3 minutesDevika tells us about a dying art form of Bhopal, batuaa making. If the government does not take notice and take measures to protect this art form it might be lost forever. Here’s a report. Delicate drapes about the wrists adorned by exquisitely crafted Batuaas. It’s a common sight, nonetheless alluring! Even after years of changing trends in […]

The Winter of Beauteous Bhopal

Reading Time: 3 minutesDevika celebrates the winter, with its chai, exhibitions, roses, flower shows, snacks picnics in Bhopal. The city bounced back from a terrible tragedy. Here’s a candid account. Winter is my favourite season. I am definitely biased! The woollens, snazzy colours, mittens, caps, hot steaming brews in layers of quilts, I love everything about it. Starting […]

The Secrets of Fingernails

Reading Time: 4 minutesHere’s a tongue-in-cheek look at fingernails and the secrets they reveal by Devika. Overload of thoughts and thinking leaves me baffled. That, in turn, boomerangs at the end of the day. So, it might probably be wise to say that I am never going to look at another person with a chipped fingernail or half done nail […]

The Essential Gypsy: The Journey Continues

Reading Time: 5 minutesThough we are civilised, the essential gypsy, the forever nomad, lives within each of us. We want to travel to places we have not been. The hunger for voyage and the urge to learn more makes us grow. It’s true  education, something that no classrooms alone can teach. Devika shares this essential need. Here’s a personal account from […]

Islamnagar at Leisure

Reading Time: 4 minutesDevika takes us to Islamnagar, on the outskirts of Bhopal. It is steeped in history. Today, Islamnagar is a relic rampart of what used to be the official headquarters of Dost Muhammad Khan (founder of Bhopal’s princely state). Prior to the siege, it was the abode of a Rajput chieftain. From Jagdishpur it was converted to present day […]