Author: Deeya Bhattacharya

Devi: The Demon Slayer

In this poem, Deeya invokes the demon slayer, who with thousand hands slew evil and darkness. An evocative poem for the Durga Puja special feature, in Different Truths. With thousand hands she would rise a slayer of darkness through the mystery she would rise she would rise she would fight death through thousand thundering tongues the […]


Deeya opens our eyes to the dehumanisation of Devi, the girl and woman, who is sadly powerless. She is killed in the womb, is deflowered. She slaves to earn her bread and dances at a wayside bar. A poem for the Durga Puja special feature, in Different Truths. The sun is a bit lazy today its […]

The Attic: Reliving its Story

An evocative poem about the attic from Deeya. Robbed she stands, bearing scars all over her putrid skin; dust-settled fungi-smeared; stale from the air over yester-years *** Each morning the segregated sun parades into the still air, raucous  with the gnawing of termites for  the fond warmth.  A hushed figure  steals into the captive air, […]

Those Lips you Wear

This is a kind of Rhymester poem that came to Deeya in a certain delight seeing the lips of someone who’s very close to her. She was taken in by the colour her friend wore on that day. Give me those satin lips lips that form prayers on stone in heart wrenching pain; lips that mould […]


An intense poem by Deeya. (From the Anthology The Rainbow Hues) Orange brawls and nude browns Vie, ripened sheaths of corn over the harvest stock mind’s harvesting complete, yellow aslant rays I wing and leave the green, slither, summoned in vagueness I stretch myself, while the Cormorant a white speck far, prepares for a flight […]

The Alphabet of Love

An intense, erotic prose-poem by Deeya. Sunsets have stories to unfurl I guess – each sunset one of its kind – it’s the quiet lilt in the far horizon that does for me. Each time a new vista opens up – the auburn rays tilt into the womb of the ocean – bloodshed waters lapping […]

Monsoon of Life/An Indefinite Truth

Monsoon of Life A sensuous poem celebrating monsoon from Deeya. The thread of life  in vigilant eyes Evokes beauty Euphoria walks about in a threadbare reality monsoons overhauled in backpack of worldliness  smothers ceaseless efforts of obeisant hunger.  The navel of summer touched by chords of oppression rang far into a whirlpool of memoirs  and […]

I can not Celebrate you

An intense poem by Deeya that braids alienation and love. I can’t celebrate you Scraps of junk you rot in my mind – the sudden stab in my ribs doesn’t bleed through a gaping hole often resides After the dishes done in the kitchen I ought to write to you write in ink of my […]

Summer of Pain

An evocative prose poem by Deeya that talk of seasons, a seaside resort and more.     Summer is at the helm of affairs, glistening beads of sweat wrap the skin one wore, clandestine Fox-gloves brushed past one’s skin tall palm trees nibbled the air – a long journey of one season to another announces […]

Your Charm

A bold and intense poem by Deeya. Your charm wins me round to pen fond memories, lotus blooms promising wind and grass I float, gather dust on a rotten foliage, a storm unwinding itself I can remember your fluty ribs that poke into my skinny bones from there emerge, volatile A cyst weaving distrust and […]

From an Afghan Girl: Songs of the Dead

A poignant poem about a girl in a war-ravaged place by Deeya. I gather pollens from the air while among the rugged terrains- In this land the song of ‘jehad’ floats every now and then the air is heavy with the stench and smoke of gunpowder and blood She waits, her henna-dyed hands ‘Bashir’ embossed […]

Gulmohar Glances

A breezy love poem by Deeya. I move about in haunches stumbled ways among frozen silences your eyes gyrated the curves                                            of my far-flung thoughts champak odours in dreams I dared not… We have […]

At the Namgyal Monastery

Deeya takes us to the serenity of monastery and weaves a beautiful story in this verse. At those shimmering heights fantasy gropes about in silver hairs weaving cobwebs of senility At those great heights where monasteries are the spell and fumes of ecstasy run havoc- the thin air among serrated clouds         […]

Wounds of Silence

A protest poem by Deeya against atrocities. Desires hold me prisoners scaling walls of atrocities tendrils of silence cloaks me in this vivacious sun I stand upon the bend in Chandrabhaga Rivers dry up in the scorching sun as this and often a sickle shaped back fits into a collage of silence- probably a human […]

A Love Denied

An evocative and bold poem by Deeya. I survive; the truth perched on my lips on a crystal May morning sunlight an alibi on my window-sill.                                                           […]