Author: Debjani Guha

A Comparative Evaluation of the Scholastic Excellence of Nalanda and Al-Qarawiyyin

Reading Time: 6 minutesNalanda was primarily the Buddhist institution of higher learning, in India. Al-Qarawiyyin has been a centre of Islamic studies, in Morocco. While Nalanda was lost in the ravages of time, Al-Qarawiyyin is the oldest existing educational institution in the world, according to UNESCO and the Guinness Book of World Records. Debjani and Shilpa, the two […]

Education, Employment, and Empowerment of Women in India: From 1986 Onwards

Reading Time: 4 minutesDeblina and Debjani’s research shows that women are in better position than before, which was unimaginable even two or three decades back. They talk about the various initiatives taken by the government to empower women. A Different Truths exclusive. Education and employment are the two major milestones of women’s empowerment because they enable women to respond to […]

Opportunities and Challenges for Women Workforce

Reading Time: 4 minutesDebjani and Madhuparna take a hard look into the opportunities and challenges for women workforce in this research article of theirs, exclusively in Different Truths. In India, the emphasis is always on general education than vocational education at the receiving end. This has resulted in a large number of educated but unemployed people. According to Annual […]

Girl-child in Labour and Learning: A Case Study in North-24 Parganas

Reading Time: 5 minutesTwenty five girls of age group 7 to 13 years from ten National Child Labour Project schools of North-24- pgs were studied. It was found that 72% girls are from Muslim community. Over populated family, poverty, lack of awareness of the parents, absence of father and/or mother and presence of alcoholic/ sick/ injured/ physically challenged parent are the […]