Author: Cholena Nashan

Believe it or not, the Bible Verses about Food!

Reading Time: 4 minutesUnusual though it may sound, it was the Holy Bible that inspired Cholena to cook. She found it to be a rich repertoire of recipes. She was intrigued by everything that was connected to food in the Bible. The first recipe she read was also from The Bible. Whether it was the delicious hearty stew known as “Esau’s […]

A Piece of Cake!

Reading Time: 3 minutesCholena shares her experience about baking homemade cakes. Simple ingredients and a bit of imagination works wonders. She tells us how she innovates and adds almost anything from her kitchen to make yummy cakes. Baking a cake yourself is literally cakewalk, better still, a piece of cake, literally. Here’s a Different Truths exclusive. Growing up, hearing […]

Sounds of a Petal

Reading Time: 3 minutesCholena reveals her relationship with flowers. Though she hated flowers initially for its frail symbolism and it being likened to women, she always loved Tulips; it reminded her of her Sailor Dad. An exclusive photo feature on flower for Different Truths. Don’t get me wrong. I actually hated flowers, flowers in general. To me, they were way too pretty. Too […]

I Just Want to Breathe Love Through Your Lungs…

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn a candid account, Cholena talks of her struggles with asthma. She knew the pain and anguish of it, as she saw her mother and many others wheeze. She prayed hard that her child be spared, when she was expecting her. But, life had other plans. Here’s the trail and tribulations of a mother when she saw her […]

Rice and Shine

Reading Time: 4 minutesFood is about nostalgia. It brings with it laughter and joy. Cholena takes us through the delights of rice-based delicacies that brings back the love and care of her mother. Here are some breakfast delights from Tamil Nadu. “ThUd”. This noise was coming from the kitchen. “ThudThUdTHUD” and this time, I was wide awake. Slowly opened my eyes. […]

Let’s Bite in!

Reading Time: 3 minutesAn excellent photographer, Cholena gives invaluable tips for food photography for readers of Different Truths. Food photography is more than clicking what’s on the table. Thanks to the social media and smartphones, food photography is becoming popular and you don’t even need an expensive camera to photograph food. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts to make […]

Don’t call me an Artist

Reading Time: 3 minutesLife is full of contradictions and paradoxes. Here’s a personal account of Cholena. She tells us about the deep prejudices against art and artists when she was growing up. She also shares how she surmounted her problems and followed her natural inclination. I have no clue as to when I had started taking an interest in drawing. […]