Author: Bina Pillai

Gayathri had a Story to tell…

Strange are the twists and turns of life. A doctor, who had built a clinic, was being dispossessed of it by his sister, informed Gayathri. Life had a pleasant surprise for her though, says Bina, in the regular column, exclusively in Different Truths. I was at our family doctor’s clinic waiting for my turn. I […]

Spirituality is…

Bina talks about spirituality and many myths, biases, and prejudices surrounding it. Here’s her opinion piece, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. I met a lady the other day, who spoke about spirituality.  I was surprised when she was critical of people acquiring degrees or spending money. She believed if a person dressed […]

Velu had a Dream

Bina profiles Velu, who paid no heed to the ridicule about his buck teeth from other children. His hard work and sincerity helped him climb up the social ladder. Here’s the inspiring story of the simple village lad, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Velu was the cook’s son in my husband’s ancestral home. […]

Being Grateful Keeps us Happy

Suddenly everything became magical. Bina got everything she wanted. She got abundant love, beautiful children, adorable grandchildren, loving friends and a lovely home.  It was magical.  She didn’t ask for it.  Most of her dreams had come true. The secret, says the columnist, was, and is, being grateful, as she gazes inwards, in the weekly column, […]

They sat Smiling: A Journey from under the Neem Tree to Supermarket

Bina profiles the success stories of two brothers, Nagesh and Suresh, and talks of their journey from under a Neem tree in Chembur, Mumbai, to metamorphosing into a supermarket chain. Here’s a story of honest, hardworking people, succeeding in life, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. Nagesh Nadar is someone who has inspired […]

When he did not Turn Over!

The trials and tribulations of bringing up a Special Needs child are severe in India. Other than the problems of grappling with everyday needs of the child, one has to deal with schools that are insensitive to the development of such children. Bina shares the story of her grandson. It is perhaps fine to lose […]