Author: Bhawini Tripathi

An Eloquent Female

Reading Time: 1 minuteIt’s not easy to be a woman. She has to pay a price for it, says Bhawini in this poem. Away from the spread of conformity, Away from this blindness of image-driven superficiality, There lives a girl in this world, Yet very much beyond it. They see her brazen stride, They see that she ignores […]

Empty Nest

Reading Time: 2 minutesChildren grow and leave home. In this poem Bhawini talks of the many emotions of a woman and how she prepares to deal with her empty nest. She stood looking right there, With water bottle and tiffin in her hand. Only nobody was going school here It was her little man, starting rendezvous with another land. […]

A Lifetime of Me

Reading Time: 2 minutesA poignant love poem from Bhawini. I do not know, Those favourite flowers, Which when presented, Taint the cheeks a blushing pink. Yet I know, From the deep sooty packets Beneath your eyes Exactly on which nights Has sleep eluded your weary eyelids? I do not know, The wine you prefer Or the chocolates or […]

Pokémon GO: Smart-phones Serving Joy

Reading Time: 5 minutesWe are in the era of the virtual reality game Pokémon GO launched in July 2016. Facebook has a huge 7-digit number of people talking about this. TechCrunch reported on July 11 that Pokémon Go has been downloaded 7.5 million times since its debut and been at the top of Apple Inc.’s app store charts. Similar Web’s analytics […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteBhawini talks of nature and the ebb of life in this poignant sad poem. Cracked near the dusty mountains, As the weary sun does bleed My heart sobs out, Its music much like a hollow reed. This ebbing day, Tints suture on every cloud. In this misty flirty darkness, I can see my very own […]

The Fight

Reading Time: 1 minuteBhawini talks of a warrior and his remanences of home in this poem. Rays of hope assault the darkness, more prodigious than meteors. The tall mystic enemy is at war with the child. Sure of life and death, the child fights. His heart a turret, his positive thoughts the bullets. The enemy is greedy of […]