Author: Prof. Bhaskar Majumder

How Silence Suits Various Sections of the Society in Uttar Pradesh?

It might seem unusual that people in Uttar Pradesh prefer silence. They are not vocal in their protests. Prof. Bhaskar finds out the reasons for this silence, a clear choice, by various sections of the society in the state. He tells us how silence suits different sections of the social pyramid. He turns his gaze […]

An Open Letter to the Beloved Prime Minister of India

As a new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is being elected, Prof. Bhaskar congratulated the Prime Minister for his huge victory in the state. In an Open Letter, he urged the PM – irrespective of who the CM and his cabinet – to help the state develop. He has 12-point suggestions for a strong UP. […]

BJP Steamrolls UP: Will its True Development Mean Creation of Jobs for Rest of India Here?

BJP steamrolled the 2017 Assembly elections in UP. The narrative of the winning party is that the people’s mandate were for the development of UP. Bhaskar hopes that now Modiji and his party would create job opportunities in the state so effectively that soon we might see migrant labourers coming to this state. That would […]

Dress of Diamonds: Whose Wealth is it anyway!

A photograph of a diamond dress of one of the daughters of the Ambanis, in a mobile phone failed to inspire awe. It was abhorrent. It is vulgarism or ridiculing the income/asset poverty of the millions in India or that one diamond dress could fetch million clothes for the daughters of the million poor families. What ashamed Bhaskar […]

Will the Enhanced Budget Allocation make Women Safer in NCR and Elsewhere?

Enhancement of budget allocation for the police for the Nirbhaya Fund, for the safety of women, though welcome, is not enough to ensure their protection. The government might have increased budget in the education institutions for gender studies and awareness too, feels social scientist, Bhaskar. He also appeals that the folly of a simple soldier, […]

Of Cabbages and Cobblers: How Pricing Costs the People?

The question is how the dispossession of the poor is understood? It is not immediately understood by the poor and the non-poor either ignores it as an externality or remains happy for the latter could save in the process. The poor remains poor inter-generationally for he failed to realise what the crooks realised. Bhaskar ponders over […]

Why did the Manmohan Singh Government Allow Mallya to Swindle Public Funds?

It is alleged by the ruling polity that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the UPA government facilitated loans to Mallya after the latter allegedly wrote to Singh and former Finance Minister Chidambaram, in 2011, and 2013, for the defunct Kingfisher Airlines. The loan was facilitated from a consortium of banks. The banks do not have […]

Cumulative Shocks: Why do the RBI Officials Feel Humiliated?

Bhaskar tells us that some of the RBI officials are unrelenting, however, for ‘feeling humiliated’ by the events, since demonetisation. They wrote to newly appointed (read fixed) RBI Governor, Urjit Patel, after the departure of Rajan, protesting against operational ‘mismanagement’ by the government for demolishing its autonomy by appointing an official for currency coordination that they see as a […]

Can the Cashless Economy Eradicate Corruption?

After six decades, Indian economy is pledged to be cashless in market transactions. One needs to ponder and have exhaustive market/household surveys what went right or wrong in that direction. A sizeable section of the population, obviously at the bottom of the economy, continue to practice not only barter-based exchange of self-produced goods but also share home-grown vegetables outside […]

What Plagues the Development of Uttar Pradesh?

  Uttar Pradesh (UP) is being advantaged by the fertile land and abundant natural resources. It ranks first by the size of the population. These could be the forerunner in economic progress. I had also the idea that some states/regions would be above average and some below by the very nature of arithmetic mean by any selected indicator. UP […]

No Homogeneity in India: It Coexists in Different Centuries, Simultaneously

Real India cannot be found in history books. Bhaskar, travelling through various parts of the country, in about five decades, found huge gaps in the understanding about the country, among different groups of people, separated by geography. Their lives belong to different epochs or centuries. In fact, money and advancement in technology do not go hand in hand with the […]

A Prelude to Writing Economics

An Economist and Social Scientist, Bhaskar ponders over the problems of writing Economics for the commoners. He reasons that two areas that be fooled the commoners are Sanskrit for centuries and Economics for decades. Both the subjects are distanced from commoners and in that process, one is almost extinct from the vocabulary of commoners, and the other is emitting […]

Demonetisation: How do the Commoners React to it?

Prof. Bhaskar dwells on two aspects of demonetisation. The sway of the media perhaps creates panic. People act silly, often like chopping off the branch that they are sit on. With the call for Bharat Band by the Opposition parties on Monday (Nov 28), he wonders if Modi is riding the tiger. He also tells us how Maoists […]

Dramatics in the Hands of Invisible Puppeteers: Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair!

To be caught in the high drama of a selection process to head a premier social science research institute leaves a bad taste. Despite being a forerunner for the post, it’s ugly when one sees the hands of invisible puppeteers, who know when to pull which string. One is reminded of the prophecy of the witches in Macbeth, […]

Demonetisation: Commoners Face Unending Troubles but Where are the Deep Pockets!

Randomness seems to be inbuilt in our system. While the honest, pious middleclass, deposited huge amounts of money, collectively, standing in unending queues, those with loads of money were nowhere to be seen. The rich – read Deep Pockets – possibly have other means at their disposal. The arbitrariness of the class divide was once again sharp when […]

No Girls are Safe in the Badlands of India!

Bhaskar talks of the regularity of girls’ assaults, repetitively, in our society that shows that something is terribly wrong in the upbringing of the boys, be it inside their houses, during childhood and adolescence, or in schools, colleges and elsewhere. State laws might have failed to curb this ugly, animalistic power, publicly revealed by living beings that see and celebrate, […]

A Teenage Rag-picker Father Wishes Better Life for his Girl-child

Bhaskar, a renowned economist, and social scientist, talks about floating child labourers, the rag-pickers, their trail and tribulations. He moves his gaze to Shankargarh, 50kms from Allahabad. He discovers a new meaning of Azadi. At Unchahar, near the NTPC plant, he finds a group of women sitting in the open, in the scorching heat of summer. A possessed woman, […]

Sick by Birth

Was the Early Man, living naked in caves and treetops, more civilised than most of us? We have clothed ourselves differently and have created a chasm between us and our lesser fortunate brethren. Bhaskar takes a ‘journey within’ to expose the deep rooted sickness ingrained in the Indian society. Human civilisation, in time, as I see it, is […]