Author: Arindam Roy

Women Hold up Half the Sky[i]: A Special Issue on IWD 2017, in Different Truths

Different Truths (DT) has been publishing special issues and has also brought out seven Anthologies of Poems on several topics in the past. Here’s the eighth Anthology of Poems, on International Women’s Day 2017, as part of the three-day thematic issue. We thank our writers, poets, editorial team members. Without their active participation, this special […]

The V-Day Special Feature in Different Truths

We, bring to you a Special Feature on the V-Day. Arindam thanks the Managing Editor, Anumita, all writers and poets, and the DT Team for making this a wonderful package. Hope you enjoy the exclusive package to celebrate Love in Different Truths. Love, in its various forms, has been a part of our humanising process. Though all […]

True Crime Story: When Marriages are made in Hell!

Arindam shares a true crime story that he had witnessed closely during his stay in Bombay, in the mid-1980s. Trusting and gullible men were enticed and trapped in marriages. Within a few months, they were looted. It is necessary that we crosscheck and verify about a person’s antecedents before we decide to marry that person, especially in these […]

Om Puri Passes Away: A Brief Interaction Made a Lasting Impression on me!

The versatile and gifted actor Om Puri passed away at his Andheri residence, following a massive heart attack on Friday (Jan 6, 2017). Arindam recalls a brief interaction with the actor, when he was working with the Times of India, in Bombay, in the mid-1980s. Here’s his tribute to the great actor. Om Puri is no more. The […]

The Costly Trade off!

The adage, “Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is indeed true. Here’s the modus operandi of a senior bank manager – not all are like him – unscrupulous and wily. Tall and handsome Zafar had the charms of a devil. A white collared criminal, he was likable too. Arindam reveals the nexus of the high and the mighty, […]

First Anniversary of Different Truths: Felicitations and Team DT

Different Truths completes one year at the strike of the midnight hour, in India. A year back, two Founders dared to dream. Soon it became a shared vision. Poets and writers joined and a wonderful journey began. DT has over 500 Citizen Journalists, as of today. It also has a large number of poets. On the occasion of […]

Khuni Khan Jheel: Is the Lake in the Ridge Truly Haunted?

Students of Delhi University, particularly in the North Delhi campus, have heard strange tales from their seniors about the Khuni Khan Jheel, the haunted lake within the wooded Ridge. Twenty five first year undergraduate students, of a prestigious college, wanted to crosscheck the ‘superstitious tales’. Well past midnight, on a cold and dark December night, they ventured into the […]

Diwali and the Enchanting Story of Nachiketa

Arindam retells a well-known story of Nachiketa, a little boy, who faced Death (Yama) fearlessly to realise the deeper mysteries of death and life. This story from Katha Upanishad predates the Puranas and our two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Nachiketa, sees light, is freed Avidya, and as a disciple of Yama, understands the deeper meanings of […]

Diwali: The Brightest Dark Night

In this curtain raiser, Arindam recounts some of the legends and folklore associated with the five-day Festival of Lights. He also gives a synopsis of the articles and poems of the special feature on Diwali, in Different Truths, which would appear this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. Happy Diwali reading to illuminate our minds. The […]

A True Crime Story: The Price of Pleasure

It was late in the night. In the adjacent bay, in an air conditioned compartment, of a Bangalore-Lucknow train, two men were discussing the narrow escape that they had in a cathouse. Arindam asked them for the details. They were reluctant and embarrassed. Once convinced that their identities would not be revealed, they agreed to speak to this […]

When Hanuman Cussed and Rama Smoked Bidi!

Arindam revisits the Ramdal and Ramlila and recalls the terrible faux pas that left Hanuman angry and cussing. He also recalls an incident that his friend, Vijay, told him in Mumbai. His mother was superstitious about an actor playing the role of Rama in a Ramlila nearby. Find out what happened in this humourous piece, as part of […]

Durga Puja: The Conflict and Contestations between Vidya and Avidya

In the curtain raiser on Durga Puja special feature, Arindam traces the genesis of the global celebrations of the Shakti puja. Shakti or Energy, is invoked during both the equinoxes. Durga is worshipped twice, during Basant or Vasant and Sharad, the Spring and the Autumn. The feminine principle, the life-giver, portrayed as Prakriti. Not to speak of the […]

The Blue Ambassador Car

Arindam cites a real life experience, with real people and incidents. A blue ambassador car was being readied for a long journey, by Om, the driver, on a foggy and cold January morning, outside a hotel, in Mathura, plonk opposite the Yamuna. Read what happened? Here’s an eerie ghost story, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. […]

The Love Story of Eugènie and Anirban

They were from different worlds, Eugènie and Anirban. What made them come together? Each of them had their baggage. But love is so overpowering that it breaks many boundaries. Here’s an interesting love story, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Eugènie, gently moved Anirban’s arms clasping her. She was careful not to wake him. They had […]

The Dancing Lamp

Childhood and teenage are magical years. Two teenagers, Arun and Gaurishankar, witness a spooky incident. The midsummer nights’ eerie event scared them. Despite their fears, they recorded the details of the strange dancing lamp. Find out what happened when others got to know about it. Here’s an interesting account, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Two teenage […]

Earthquake in Italy leaves 37 dead; Kolkata also experiences mild tremors

A strong earthquake hit central Italy in the wee hours. It affected three beautiful mountainous villages, popular summer holiday spots. Reportedly 37 people were dead and the toll is likely to rise. Another earthquake hit Kolkata, India. It experienced jolts and tremors too. However, there were no loss of lives and limbs, authorities added.   […]

Folklores about Rakhi: The Festival of Brother-Sister Bond

Arindam recounts some popular folklores that are associated with Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan. The tales of Draupadi and Lord Krishna, Rani Karmavati’s plea to the Moghul Emperor, Humayun, seeking his protection, the story of Yamuna and Yama, Roxana and King Porus and also, the birth of Santoshi Maa, the sister of Ganesha’s sons are rather intriguing. Here are the […]

World Humanitarian Day: Spare the Humanitarian Aid Workers from Brutal Attacks

In December 2008, the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly decided to designate 19 August as World Humanitarian Day (WHD). It is the date on which a brutal terrorist attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad, in 2003, killed 22 people. WHD is to sensitise the international community about the threat that humanitarian aid workers face. We, in Different Truths (DT) […]

Poetry of Politics in Koshy’s Allusions to Simplicity

Ampat V. Koshy’s latest anthology of poems, Allusions to Simplicity: Collected Poems, is a political statement of the celebrated poet. He is in the tradition of Wordsworth, Coleridge and Arnold in voicing his politics. This anthology shows the influence of Tagore, Rumi and Ghalib. Koshy inherits poetic tradition from countless poets before him. Here’s a review of his poems […]

Civilians foil Coup Attempt in Turkey: Soldiers Surrendered on Bosphorous Bridge

The might of the people, united with the popular Turkish government, brought those involved in the coup buckle and go down on their knees. It is the victory of the civilians who responded to the call of the President Erdogan. They foiled the coup attempt that began in the dead of the night. Arindam reports […]

Rath Yatra: The Story of Lord Jagannath and his Siblings

The annual Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath, with his siblings, Balabhadra and Subhadra, is symbolic of fertility worship. The charioteers, Dhauka, used to sing bawdy songs (Boli). Though these songs are no longer sung, after a ban from 1995, the monsoon festival reminds us of our agrarian legacy. Folklore and mythology shaped various rituals. The legacy continues for […]

Special Issue of Different Truths on Human Rights and Legal Issues

We inched to the 500 plus posts, working diligently, in rain or shine. It has been an amazing story of what people can do. It’s about their aspirations and power. A journey that began a little over seven months back enriched us in many ways. We are what we are because of all our contributors. […]

Shiva Taught Yoga to our Ancestors and India Gifted Yoga to the World

Speaking in the UN, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said that though Yoga originated in India, as an absolute science and technology for the well-being it cannot be Indian. He added India gifted it to the world. WHO was trying to integrate yoga and traditional practices into the allopathic medicine system and primary health services. To further this, India and […]

42,500 People Flee per day: Let us Reach out and Resolve the Refugee Crises

Arindam delves into a personal experience, growing up as a boy in a refugee family. The grim reality of the refugee problem stares us in the face. According to the UNHCR, there are 59.5 million forcibly displaced people around the world. Nearly 20 million of these people are refugees and 10 million are stateless. The crisis is […]

The Many Manifestations of Father

Arindam explores the various meanings and manifestations of fatherhood ahead of the Father’s Day. He presents a preview of the special feature on this occasion in Different Truths. Through seven pieces, by as many authors and poets, homage is paid to that person’s father. A wonderful mosaic of writings is offered to the readers. Often fathers are trapped […]

Are Gods Deaf to the Wails of Widows?

Beginning with a personal journey into the world of Vriddhashram (old age homes), Arindam cites few case studies from the two temple towns of Vrindavan and Varanasi that houses 44,000 widows. The scriptures have been misinterpreted and misrepresented for some vested interests. The society has allowed the perpetuation of the isolation of widows for its own gains. This is […]

Elders Need Loving Care, not Isolation and Neglect

Elders have given us their all, every iota of their love and care. What do we give them in return, isolation, neglect and social ostracisation. Here’s a curtain raiser of the special feature in Different Truths on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). In keeping with the avowed mission of Different Truths to sensitise the masses […]

Can Children Inherit an Exploitation-free World from us?

Let Children Smile in a deprivation-free, exploitation-free world. Let’s each of us ask ourselves what we can do for 168 million children worldwide to ensure that the do not sleep hungry, wake-up weary. Here’s Arindam’s curtain raiser on the Different Truths special feature on World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL). #WorldDayAgainstChildLabour2016  #WorldDayAgainstChildLabour  #WDACL #ILO Campaigns and signatures have […]

Spooky Gour!

In his over three-decade journey as a journalist, Arindam shows us the many faces of newsrooms in India, at the turn of the Millennium. It’s about the glimpses of life both inside and outside the newsrooms. He calls this series, ‘The Life of a Reporter’. Insightful, humorous, serious, sad or spooky, there are many shades and hues in the lives of […]

Two Women CMs, Mamata, Jayalalithaa Retain Power; BJP wins Assam Trouncing Congress

Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalithaa, the two women chief ministers, in the five states where Assembly elections were held, retained power. Mamata’s magic slogan Ma-Mati-Manush worked in the eastern state as people gave her the mandate. In Assam, BJP trounced the Congress, ending their 15-year rule. In Kerala, Left front won, defeating Congress. However, Puducherry is […]