Author: Arindam Ghosh

The Last Visit of Rabindranath Tagore and the Continuum of his Legacy in Allahabad – III

Reading Time: 4 minutesHere’s the third and concluding part of the three-part article on Tagore and his Allahabad connection. Arindam suggests that the Central/State governments need to act and help preserve the Allahabad legacy of Tagore, exclusively in Different Truths. In 1935, at the age of 74 Tagore came to Allahabad for the last time with his musical […]

Tagore and the Indian Press: Chintamani Babu Acted like a Friend, not a Businessman – II

Reading Time: 3 minutesTagore sent his emissaries to Babu Chintamani Ghosh with a request to make some arrangement for the benefit of Vishwa Bharati. At that time Tagore was in Colombo. Tagore had promised that he would abide by whatever decision Chintamani Babu took. Chintamani Babu didn’t think like a businessman but like a true friend and advised […]

Tagore and Allahabad: Indian Press Published all his Books, from 1908-14, including the Nobel Prize-winning Gitanjali – I

Reading Time: 5 minutesBetween 1908 and 1914, Indian Press printed and published all Tagore works and made it popular. The books were printed by Indian Press, Allahabad and sold through Indian Publishing House, Kolkata. It consisted of 47 prose works and 40 poetical works, 87 books in all, including the Nobel Prize-winning Gitanjali, in 1911, says Arindam, in […]