Author: Dr. Archana Kaushik

World Humanitarian Day: Being Humane is the Essence of Being Human

Violence inflicted by humans upon their fellow-beings annually causes more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide, making it one of the primary causes of mortality across the globe. In the last century, 191 million people lost their lives in conflicts and violence and over half of them were innocent civilians (WHO, 2002). Thus, 20th century has become one of […]

Elder Abuse: A Hidden, Harsh Reality

Elder abuse is recognised as a continually increasing and serious problem. Despite legislations, this evil is rampant in our society. There are an estimated 100 million older people in India and as per the estimates of Helpage India report, 30 million are being abused. Thalaikoothal (oil bath in Tamil Nadu), and other traditional practices of involuntary euthanasia on […]

Labour Bondage: An Ignored Reality of India, 50Mn. People Trapped in Slavery

Archana takes a hard look at the grim world of bonded labourers. Walk Free Foundation (2013) ranks India to be number one country with the largest number of bonded labourers. Indebtedness is one of the prime reasons of labour bondage. Breman (2010) brings forth that the proportion of the workforce that is trapped into indebtedness is nearly 10 […]