Author: Aparajita Dutta

Kunatla Ghosh Dastidar: Former Captain and an Inspiration of Indian Women-Football

Reading Time: 4 minutesKuntala Ghosh Dastidar captained the Indian women’s team in Women’s World Cup. Aparajita profiles the former coach of Mohun Bagan, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. The verdant arcade of Calcutta Referee Club welcomed me with the vivacity of the person I love dearly. The birthday girl was in her usual jersey and […]

Rubia: the Ruby of Paralympics, the Star of West Bengal

Reading Time: 3 minutesDifferently Abled Rubia Chatterjee is the rising star of West Bengal in the arena of Paralympics. Aparajita profiles the promising athlete, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. West Bengal has always been the land of powerful female icons since ancient times. They have not just been consorts of great men, but they have […]

Shreeja: The Journey from Three Tulsi Leaves to a Football Academy for Tribal Girls

Reading Time: 4 minutesAbout 30 years ago, a sage had told Dr. Shib Shankar Dasgupta about the magical mystery of three Tulsi leaves. The fire in his belly made New York-based Dr. Dasgupta start a football academy for tribal girls, Shreeja. His holistic approach in empowering those in the margins have attracted many youths. Beginning this week, we […]

The Voice

Reading Time: 1 minuteA storm rages in a voice, dispelling tranquillity. Aparajita, the poet, seeks peace and harmony in her Muse. Here’s a poem that moves from despair to hope, in Different Truths. Just a voice And the Herculean storm Hides in air. The scrapped beats now Cool in the harmonica. There’s a break in the meditation, A […]

The Sun Drinks my Lemonade

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn intense protest poem by Aparajita, in Different Truths. The sun drinks my lemonade, Stoic of the clouds That swell up with my tears, Husbanding a water we have Abandoned and aborted; And made Kashmir A dry liquor!!   The lout sun-splashed my lemonade. It trickled down her skirt; She shrieked in fear, A ravenous […]

His Story

Reading Time: 3 minutesHere’s an intriguing short story by Aparajita, exclusively in Different Truths. Emotions add colour to old buildings, giving them the energy to thrive the blows of time. The sundry weather was settling down under the cosy blanket of the setting sun, slowly dozing off to sleep like a wailing baby pacified by his nursing mother. […]