Author: Anumita Chatterjee Roy

Coping with Personal Tragedy: When I Lost a Heartbeat!

How do mothers deal with the loss of a heartbeat (an unborn child)? The agony is unbearable. It wrenches out the heart of the mother. She feels guilty and blames herself for the loss of the child. Depression and dark despondency envelopes her. Typically grief has five stages; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. But […]

Mughlai Paratha: A Sumptuous, Healthy and Happy Street Food

Mughlai Paratha is one of those gastronomical wonders, which are the best in the street food markets of Bengal. It basically rolled out dough stuffed with eggs, minced spicy meat, some veggies or all of them together. Mughlai Paratha stuffed with spicy minced mutton and beaten eggs and punctuated with chopped onions, chilly, and cilantro. Here’s the recipe […]

My Gift of Valentine!

The early morning was bitter sweet moments for Josna, as Alex left, his last hug and kiss ripped her heart open. She saw drops of moisture in his eyes, and he kissed her forehead whispering, “I will call you soon as I can. Love you to the moon and back.” That was their way of saying I […]

Health and Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a panacea. It has several health and beauty benefits. A native of South Asia, this root is not usually used raw but dried and powdered. Indian cooking is never complete without turmeric (haldi), but other than its flavor infusing effect and bright coloring agent in food, bound to have magic within it. This is an ancient […]

Involve Children in Household Chores

There is a common feeling of guilt of the parents to involve their children to help out needs to be stopped, as children are part of the family. Children love to feel needed and appreciated. Making them a part of the daily routine creates a feeling of accomplishment. Young children often imitate their parents, while the parents are […]

When I Was Your Age…

Comparing our growing up days with that of our children is a very common phenomenon. While talking to my friends, we often find ourselves discussing our children’s behavior. Anumita says, “The other day, a friend mentioned that our children today do not understand that they are being rude. I looked at her and completely understood what she was […]

Nailing Down the Problems

Nails are often the best meter of your health condition from the inside. Nails are chiefly complex combinations proteins, keratin and various other minerals. Most of our outer beauty rest on how healthy our internal organs and functions are. This also would mean that beauty is not limited to the female gender. Every individual has a […]

San Diego: The Plymouth of the West

San Diego is a major city some miles south of Los Angeles and reaches the Mexican border to the south. It is considered to be the second biggest city in California and eighth in the largest cities of USA. San Dieguito and the La Jolla people were said to be the original inhabitants of this place. San Diego’s […]

The Guilt Train Ride

Beginning this Monday, we introduce a new column, ‘Mother Writes’. It’s a parenting column, from a mother’s perspective. You may be an expecting mother, a new mother, a seasoned mother or a mother who has adopted a child. Motherhood is not restricted to biological or adopted, it also includes grandmothers and aunts. Tell us about […]

Home Remedies to Remove Sun Spots

Sun spots or liver spots are caused by the UV rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight without a sunscreen on causes such spots to occur. This is common with light skinned people. As light skin have less melanin and excess production of melanin in concentrated areas cause darkening or smudges that appear as spots on […]

Fifteen Customs that are Distinctly American!

Anumita lists fifteen customs that are very different and stand out as American tradition/norms, which most foreigner find strange, initially. This is not meant to offend anyone but is just a collection of opinions from people, who visit or come to stay from other countries. We are sure that all the countries have such norms, which are strange to […]

Say No to Double Chin with Simple Exercises and Home Remedies

Double chin is a very common issue for both men and women. Most of us hide it with clothing or taking pictures with our head tilted. In most cases, double chin is caused due to age or weight gain. With age, skin tends to lose elasticity and the lower part of our chin loses its grip and sags. As […]

Comfort Food: Delicious and Healthy Chocolate Cake Boosts Energy and Mood

Chocolate is the most popular flavor in the world. It is been used in all kind of desserts, drinks, and recipes. It is said that chocolates especially the dark variety has health benefits. Dark chocolates are nutritious, rich in antioxidants, help blood flow by reducing blood pressure and raise HDL and reduce LDL. Anumita says, “During the winter months […]

Christmas Grinch might steal Gifts, but Never the Festive Joy!

Dr. Suess’s Grinch and the Grinches of today are mean and are thieves too. They steal Christmas presents and decorations. There has been a series of robberies in a certain neighborhood. The TV screen panned into some recorded scenes of a young man actually stealing some the packages left on the porches. They found a culprit, at least […]

95-year Astronaut John Glenn, the Oldest Man on Space, Passes Away

John Glenn, other than being the senator from Ohio, was also the oldest man in space. He is, and will always be, one of us, an Ohioan’s favorite. His demise at the ripe age of 95, on December 8, 2016, is mourned by many. He breathed his last at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, in Columbus. […]

Black Friday: Sinister Designs and Ploys of Shoppers for Big Bargains!

Black Friday, following the Thanksgiving Thursday, is a time of big bargains in the US. People wait for this day. But, the mad rush to literally grab the goods meant that ‘push’ came to a ‘shove’. There were clashes at times to outdo each other. People got up hours before the stores opened, braving the chill. With online […]

Thanksgiving: Yesteryears and Now

Anumita tells us about the tradition of Thanksgiving, tracing its genesis. What began in the north of the US is a nationwide celebration. Sarah Josepha Hale, a prolific writer and magazine editor also known for the nursery rhyme Mary had a Little Lamp, took upon herself to propagate a fixed date to celebrate Thanksgiving all over the United […]

If it is the Apple Harvest Season, it has to be Apple Cake!

It’s fall, the harvest season of apples, in the US. Apples flood the market in every size, shape and colour. In the grocery the stores these fruits fill up counters after counters and give a beautiful festive look. From Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, McIntosh, Rome Beauty, Fuji, Jonathan, York, Gala, and Yellow Newton and many more. The […]

Autumn: When the Leaves Blush!

Autumn brings in a riot of colours. As Albert Camus said, “autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,” nature blushes into the brightest colors of red, orange, yellow and gold. There seem to be a competition among the foliage to show off. Each tree becomes a spectacular vision. Writers and poets have talked about […]

Five Layered Bean Dip: Yummy Americanised Mexican Starter

Five layered Bean Dip is an Americanised Mexican food. Its history is hard to trace. This dip has many ingredients readily available in cans and packets; it cannot be called an authentic Mexican dish. My guests loved it. It was spicy, creamy and crunchy at the same time. It was filling yet not so oily. And this dip […]

…And One Day-I

The protagonist, Nandini, was orphaned at the age of five, when she lost both her parents in an accident in the Western Ghats, in India. She was being brought up by her uncle and aunt, who were more interested at the substantial sum of money they received for looking after her. A lonely person, brought up in neglect, was […]

Yankee Doodle and Macaroni: Americanisation of a Nonsense Verse and an European Recipe

Kraft put the famous macaroni and cheese in a box, in 1937, and set a tradition of American children growing up with this Italian converted dish. The American version of macaroni and cheese has two places of origin, one in New England and one in southeastern Connecticut. It was famous as a Church casserole in New England and […]

Rejuvenate with Clean Food: Asparagus and Garlic Green Beans Stir Fries

Clean foods are those which are less cooked or not cooked at all. A mild sauté or steam of vegetables both leafy and fibrous is good for the body. It promotes good digestion and results in overall improvement of the human body. Anumita tells us about two such delicious recipes, Asparagus with mustard paste and garlic […]

Festivals of Lights from Around the World

Most cultures and peoples celebrate the festivals of lights. Anumita reveals many traditions, which are basically same. ‘Tamso ma jotirgamaya’ of the Hindus find echo in the Biblical ‘Lead symbolises ignorance (Avidya, death and despair). Fire and water are of great significance to the major religions of the world. Anumita takes a global view at the various festivals of […]

Toronto: The Enchanting Getaways of Canada

Travel with Anumita into the many enchanting getaways and tourist delights of Canada. The Lion Safari Park in Hamilton is a 700-acre land with almost 1000 animals of different species. Lions basking in the sun, giraffes poking their heads at the windows, and curious ostriches were the highlights. The Ontario Royal Museum, one of the largest in North […]

Being a Desi in America

America has been the crucible, a veritable melting pot, of many cultures. The south Asian community – Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans – are the Desis. They pride in their spices and the Bollywood numbers. They are the math, science and the spelling bee genius breeding species. Food is their focal point, the essential soul of all […]

Mutton Xacuti: Brings Alive the Warm Sands and Breezy Coconut Trees of Goa

Here’s a dish that brings alive the ambiance of the coastal state, Goa. Its food usually has ingredients like coconut and dry red chili. Mutton Xacuti uses Kashmiri Chilli, which adds a new dimension to the whole dish. One mouthful of it and you can feel the warmth of the sand and the breeze of the coconut […]

Technology Helped Learning for the Special Needs Children

A tablet was issued to the students and their education became part virtual and part pen and paper. It was huge transition for parents and for some children too. But most of the children, especially those with disabilities found it easier to participate in class activities. Those with physical disabilities did not need to write their answers. Software […]

Murshidabad: A Land of Grandiose Monuments of the Bengal Nawabs – Day Two

Murshidabad, the land of the Nawabs of Bengal, is a must-see for history buffs and those who love grandiose monuments. The architectural beauty, despite ravages of time and utter neglect, speaks of an opulence of a bygone era. Here’s the second and final part of the two-day trip of Anumita, with her family. She tells us about Katgola Bagan, House […]