Author: Anumita C. Roy

Toronto: The Enchanting Getaways of Canada

Travel with Anumita into the many enchanting getaways and tourist delights of Canada. The Lion Safari Park in Hamilton is a 700-acre land with almost 1000 animals of different species. Lions basking in the sun, giraffes poking their heads at the windows, and curious ostriches were the highlights. The Ontario Royal Museum, one of the largest in North […]

Being a Desi in America

America has been the crucible, a veritable melting pot, of many cultures. The south Asian community – Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans – are the Desis. They pride in their spices and the Bollywood numbers. They are the math, science and the spelling bee genius breeding species. Food is their focal point, the essential soul of all […]

Mutton Xacuti: Brings Alive the Warm Sands and Breezy Coconut Trees of Goa

Here’s a dish that brings alive the ambiance of the coastal state, Goa. Its food usually has ingredients like coconut and dry red chili. Mutton Xacuti uses Kashmiri Chilli, which adds a new dimension to the whole dish. One mouthful of it and you can feel the warmth of the sand and the breeze of the coconut […]

Technology Helped Learning for the Special Needs Children

A tablet was issued to the students and their education became part virtual and part pen and paper. It was huge transition for parents and for some children too. But most of the children, especially those with disabilities found it easier to participate in class activities. Those with physical disabilities did not need to write their answers. Software […]

Murshidabad: A Land of Grandiose Monuments of the Bengal Nawabs – Day Two

Murshidabad, the land of the Nawabs of Bengal, is a must-see for history buffs and those who love grandiose monuments. The architectural beauty, despite ravages of time and utter neglect, speaks of an opulence of a bygone era. Here’s the second and final part of the two-day trip of Anumita, with her family. She tells us about Katgola Bagan, House […]

Bangaliyana: A Search and Assertion of the Bengali Identity on Foreign Lands

Bangaliyana is the search for the composite Bengali identity in distant lands. It’s not just the clothes, food, music, adda, humour or language but something much deeper. Durga Puja is the time when Bengalis all over the world return to their roots. This rootedness is the Bengalis’ need for asserting their identity. The void of leaving one’s home […]

And then…

Sneha, the protagonist, goes about her routine life with clockwork precision. She gets up at the crack of the dawn to prepare breakfast for Ayushi, her adopted daughter, and to send her to school, like most Desi Moms, in the US. Ayushi was her first cousin’s child, born out of wedlock. Her cousin lost the battle of life […]

Pocahontas and Peace

Pocahontas (meaning the naughty one or the spoilt child) was the nick name for Matoaka. She was the chief of the Pawhatan’s daughter. She had stopped her father from killing John Smith when she was barely seven years old. Later, during her teenage years (1612) she was captured by the Jamestown people when she was visiting them. Her […]

A Chinese Affair at Home

Anumita tells us how to cook delicious, finger-licking Chinese delights at home. Here are two yummy Chinese cuisines, wholesome, healthy, hassle free and quick to prepare, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Most Fridays I do not feel like eating the usual meal we cook at home. Feel a craving for a Chinese takeout, but do […]

Murshidabad: Where the Bengal Nawabs Dwelled-Day One

Murshidabad, known for the Nawabs of Bengal, had a Mughal background. It was also the place, which witnessed the famous Battle of Plassey (about 47kms. from Murshidabad). British victory, Robert Clive, changed the role of the British at Plessey in Bengal. This battle played a crucial turning point in the history of India. It was the foundation stone […]

The Public Library System in America: Actualising the Right to Read

The public library is one of the systems, which is supported with the tax payers’ money. The government has given the country an incredible place to read, listen and grow. Every community across the country has a public library, which carters to the likes of a child to that of an elder. There are people attached to a […]

Chivo en Coco (Goat-meat in Coconut Milk) Venezuelan Food- II

Every country and region has its unique food – taste, flavours and presentation. Anumita tells us about her childhood years in Venezuela and the cuisines she tasted there. She shares another Venezuelan recipe, Chivo en Coco (goat-meat in coconut milk) a lip smacking, delicious dish that you might cook at home. Here’s the secret, in the weekly column, […]

The Date 9/11/2001: America Strong and Resolute after the Terror Attack

Anumita recalls the fright, panic and immense sadness of 9/11. Terror attack on the Twin Towers did not just kill people, it killed a part of every person, in America and elsewhere. It has been 15 years. But, the wound bleeds and the hurt is raw. Despite the immense pain and grief, America emerged strong […]

Delicious Arepa: Quintessential Venezuelan Food – I

The food that we eat in our childhood is almost always our comfort food. It brings back memories of our carefree days. Anumita spent a part of her childhood in Venezuela. She went to school there and enjoyed Venezuelan food. She serialises some of the popular dishes from that country. Here’s the recipe for delicious and finger licking […]

World Photography Day: A Click in the 19th Century Brought about a Revolution!

On the occasion of the World Photography Day, Anumita walks us through the history of photography. A first click in the 19 th Century has brought about a huge revolution in the 21 st Century. Shooting a picture seems like a child’s play – thanks to the technological advancements. Now, approximately 350 billion photos are clicked, each year, […]

Disney World: Where Magic Never Dies!

Back from a recent holiday from Florida, Anumita takes us through the magic and mystery of the Disney World. Disney is synonymous to Mickey Mouse. This mouse was the brainchild of Walt Disney. A visionary, he created an empire which stimulates fun, love, magic, laughter and friendship. Covering almost 40 acre miles and more than 70,000 […]

Tangy, Zingy Kolkata Phuchkas

Kolkata and phuchka are inseparable. A popular street food on the City of Joy, phuchkas, though similar, are different from golgappa and panipuris. Anumita shares the recipe of the phuchka puris, its stuffing and the tamarind water. If you, like her, are staying far away from Kolkata, in some distant foreign land, you may enjoy the tangy, […]

Throb in my Vein

Strange are the twists and turns of life. Here the protagonist of Anumita’s story finds herself caught in layers of whirlwinds, of storms raging within her. She blanks out and moves mechanically. A deep tragedy manifests in strange ways. The protagonist finds that endings often contain beginnings too. A soulful short story for Different Truths. Walking past the […]

Friday Foodie: Munch at a Brunch

The pressures of living in urban spaces, in metropolises or big cities, in India or abroad, takes  its toll on our daily lives. Often we don’t have time for our breakfasts or lunches. Anumita tells us about the origin of brunch, a combo of breakfast and lunch. She shares two quick, sumptuous and wholesome Brunch recipes exclusively […]

Summer Grill: Wholesome, Healthy Food

The joy of cooking and eating outdoors is a land of white winters is immense. Here Anumita shares gourmets’ delight, the recipes of grilled fish, poultry, mutton, paneer and vegetables for Different Truths. Eat healthy, stay healthy. Living in a state (Ohio) where white winters are predominant, outdoor activities are usually limited during the few months of summer. […]

Tulsi Mancha

A beautiful love poem by Anumita, where the wife waits for her sailor husband, praying and pining at the Tusli Mancha. She pulls her sari veil over her head, with one hand And walks barefoot to the Tulsi With all her heart she lights the lamp In faith and belief that he will be home the […]

What Lines Say?

Anumita ventures into the conflicts of her inner world, seeking answers in this poignant poem. The lines on my sheet, what do these draw? The dreams that had played below my eyelids all night The thoughts that were so deep, even I could not touch The anguish I go through, when in pain, which I fight […]

A Letter to my Younger Sister about our Father

Anumita, in her letter to Bon (younger sister), talks about their life and times with their Baba (father). The author moves from the present to the past, reminiscing their childhood and worrying about their father, whose advancing age has made him frail and forgetful. It’s the author’s tribute to her loving father. It’s a part of special feature […]

Let’s Talk Bread Desi Style

Anumita shares two recipes of Desi sandwiches. These are wholesome, quick to make and delicious too. Make it tangy and spicy, according to your choice. Children love these. The thought of bread usually is accompanied with the thought of a sandwich. Most Indians (Desis) prefer a bit of spice in their food. The run-of- the-mill sandwiches kind […]

Youngest DJ of India, Atom, Storms the Music World

Life is a series of accidents, happy and unhappy. During my recent visit to Bangalore, I met Atom, the youngest DJ of India; sheer serendipity.  Atom, as the name suggests, is small but packed with power. Here’s an impromptu interview with Atom in a food court of a Bangalore mall by Anumita for Different Truths. My trip to […]

A Girl has Nine Lives!

Anumita reminisces of a time, when she was barely nine-year- old. She walks down the memory lane and takes us on an interesting air travel from Calcutta to Venezuela with her Ma and little sister. Here’s a hilarious account of the adventures of a little girl. A Different Truths exclusive. “I am not talking to […]

Human Trafficking in Thailand Links the Murky Realities of International Crime and the Mafiosi

Flesh trade and forced or bonded labour are closely linked with human trafficking. It’s a lucrative trade with millions of dollars of turnover. Here’s a case study of Thailand, a haven for ‘pleasure girls’. The Sin City has murky underbelly of sleaze and international crime. Here’s Anumita’s in-depth research article on the international crime that blatantly violates human rights […]

Three Delicious Bengali Sweets

Bongs and their Misti (sweet, both a noun and an adjective) are inseparable like a pair of old gloves. Anumita shares the recipes of three popular sweets, Misti Doi, Sandesh and Chamcham. You may make these at home and enjoy ethnic Bengali sweets anywhere in the world. It is well known that most Bengali’s are inclined to […]

Special Olympics Transforms Challenged Individuals

Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organisation for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, providing year-round training and competitions to more than 4.5 million athletes in 170 countries. Eunice Kennedy Shriver is the founder of Special Olympics. Here’s Anumita in-depth report on the Special Olympics in the Dublin and Hilliard areas. She tells us how this event boosted […]

Karamveer Chakra Award Nominee Sujata Parashar Champions Change

Young achiever Sujata Parashar (SP) has been recently nominated for the prestigious REX Karamveer Global Fellowship and the Karamveer Chakra Award instituted by iCongo in association with the UN. Anumita (ACR) interviewed her via email. A Different Truths exclusive. Social media is a place where we get to meet and know many people. Some of them stand out from […]