Author: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Submission to Life

In this poem, Anoucheka, moves from the mundane, world of everyday existence, over which we have little control. She explores the higher meanings of life, of God and consciousness, exclusively in Different Truths. If we were all to choose the courses of our lives If we were all to choose our births Our fates Our […]

Rantings of my Heart

An evocative protest poem, where Anoucheka and her heart converse about a cruel world, for Different Truths. Tell me, urged my heart Tell me why the world is so cruel Wars wave their mighty flags at us Poverty pulses proudly Crimes carry their own grim smiles Diseases scare death away Rights riot against the repressed And […]

The Rule of Ego

Here’s an inward looking love poem by Anoucheka, for Different Truths. The verse examines the paradoxes of ego. She finds resolution in the ego that is often decried by one and all. I let Love go For Love showed itself as rough and tough Rude and rash Selfish and egocentric Arrogant and brutal Ugly and roguish […]

Innocence and Providence

It was still seven in the morning. Kylie was walking back home after having worked the night away. She felt sore, her whole body ached. All she wanted right now was a hot bath and a warm bed. But she knew she should not even dream about such comforts, as life did not allow her these things. […]

The Festival of Lights

Anouncheka celebrates the Festival of Lights, a time of love, joy and enlightenment, the victory of good over evil, in this poignant verse. Here’s her contribution to the special feature on Diwali, for Different Truths. The festival of lights The festival of love Of new beginnings Of redemption Of the imposition of that which is good Over […]

Being Invisible to the Beautiful

Ira’s life turned topsy-turvy with the death of her husband. Her elder son, Shailesh, a gay, who was loving and caring like his father had to leave the house, as gays have no place in civilised society. Sesh, her younger son, was abusive. He was extracting money from Ira. Her bank balance was empty. She was in deep debts. […]

The Right Approach to Life

Here’s an inward looking poem, where Anoucheka tries to search the meaning of life. Pray, if life is meant to be as it is Why should we fight it? Why should we renounce it? Why should we fear it? Why should we hate it? Should we not indulge in it rather? Are we not governed […]

Durga Ma: My Celestial Mother

Anoucheka turns her gaze inwards and seeks answers from Durga of how she would fulfil her promises in this world of false pleasures. Here’s a poem for the Durga Puja special feature, in Different Truths. In this world, full of false pleasures Questions rise up in me What am I? Who am I? Why do I be? […]

A New Morning

Anoucheka welcomes the dawn, the beginning of a new morning, evocatively in this verse, for Different Truths. A fresh morning With a new born sun With droplets of dew on flowers and leaves With birds chirping, fresh from a night of peace With fairies bidding Earth goodbye, after having spent a night dancing With the moon […]

The Choice is ours Solely

Anoucheka deals with the deeper issues of life and Karmic cycles in this poignant verse exclusively for Different Truths. The way we live our lives is up to us Whether we do care to be all high on morals Or we do wish to sink into that which is prohibited Whichever, our lives belong to us None […]