Author: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

The Right Approach to Life

Here’s an inward looking poem, where Anoucheka tries to search the meaning of life. Pray, if life is meant to be as it is Why should we fight it? Why should we renounce it? Why should we fear it? Why should we hate it? Should we not indulge in it rather? Are we not governed […]

Durga Ma: My Celestial Mother

Anoucheka turns her gaze inwards and seeks answers from Durga of how she would fulfil her promises in this world of false pleasures. Here’s a poem for the Durga Puja special feature, in Different Truths. In this world, full of false pleasures Questions rise up in me What am I? Who am I? Why do I be? […]

A New Morning

Anoucheka welcomes the dawn, the beginning of a new morning, evocatively in this verse, for Different Truths. A fresh morning With a new born sun With droplets of dew on flowers and leaves With birds chirping, fresh from a night of peace With fairies bidding Earth goodbye, after having spent a night dancing With the moon […]

The Choice is ours Solely

Anoucheka deals with the deeper issues of life and Karmic cycles in this poignant verse exclusively for Different Truths. The way we live our lives is up to us Whether we do care to be all high on morals Or we do wish to sink into that which is prohibited Whichever, our lives belong to us None […]