Author: Anita Parikh

Spotlight Celebrates Investigative Journalism

Spotlight faces a dilemma, where egos and friendships clash, as disguise and pretense filter into the language, in the Temples of God. Finally, it becomes a quest of loyalty to one’s own self. Here’s a review by Anita. For the news of the world we breathe in to be brought to us clear and fair, we depend […]

Tamasha: To Love…

Anita reviews Tamasha. Life does not begin when you find love; it begins when you find yourself. To begin a movie of passion in the second act, sustain its tempo and carry it into the third act without dropping the fervour takes a team of equally passionate individuals to hold it together on that octave. Tamasha, with such […]

Where is the True Nationalist?

Anita Parikh asks, is it enough to be a politician with a clean image? When the chip is down, we find hardliners and nationalists take U-turns. Clean intentions would give us clean governance. Is the Prime Minister Modi listening! I have come to realise that I am really not pro any party. May be I would lean […]

Spectre: An Ineffectual Bond Film

Here’s Anita take on the latest Bond film. It’s all sound and no substance. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. But what if that is challenged and ground zero were uprooted from the equation?  Then there’d be super car chases, in copter fight/salvage/crash; aircraft – SUV faceoff/crash, state-of-the-art set-ups/collapses and long drawn somber […]

Different Truths!

The Truth is not absolute. In the era of information explosion, there are many ways, many truths. The Truth is not just the cardinal principles laid down by theology or scriptures. Here Anita explores layers of truths. She postulates the soul of this webzine, Different Truths. They say, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’   […]