Author: Anindita Chatterjee

Rhapsodies to the City of Joy by a Kolkataphile

Kolkata breathes life. In its many shades and hues, its agonies and ecstasies, it is the identity of a Kolkataphile, Anindita. Here, in a personal account, she pays tribute to the City of Joy. Born and cradled in Kolkata’s lap, this is the city of many memories, of love and heartbreaks. She would like to return […]

Nirbaak Explores Layers of Relationships

A milestone film, Nirbaak, explores the unconscious and showcases the surreal on screen. Sirjit Mukherji, inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting of a tree with subjective consciousness, strings together four stories seamlessly. Anindita reviews the bold film. Srijit Mukherji’s Nirbaak (2015) can be identified as an innovative attempt at new form of Bengali cinema, which ensures a complete break […]