Author: Lalee Chatterjee

The ABC of English

Reading Time: 5 minutesLalee’s hilarious take on the misuse and abuse of English language by Bengalis is refreshing. Her prognosis of the problem and possible solutions gives a serious undertone to this humorous piece. Mind your language when you read her, it’s not just a laughing matter. Did I just speak English? At the risk of sounding parochial, I thought […]

When the Desert Bloomed

Reading Time: 4 minutesOn Earth Day, as part of Different Truths’ special feature, we travel with Anindita to see the resplendent beauty of South Africa. Each year, few weeks from August to October, Namaqualand’s spring flora bursts forth in a riot of colours that bewitches the eye with images of dazzling brilliance. Namaqualand is part of a plant geographic area called […]

Nagda Nestled in Lonesome Solitude

Reading Time: 3 minutesAn avid traveler and researcher, Anindita strayed from the beaten track. She decided to forgo Chittorgarh and instead chose to visit Eklinji and Nagda. Here’s a report on the choices of a connoisseur traveler, as a part of the World Heritage Day special feature of Different Truths. There is always a much desired ‘bucket list’, and then […]